Monday, August 25, 2008

An interesting list has an interesting list linked here.

It is a list of the Top 10 Indispensable Players. Why is this interesting? Well, there isn't a single Georgia Bulldog listed for starters. Of course the GPOOE (courtesy of Sen. Blutarsky) is on there, and the only other SEC player is Jasper Brinkley of South Carolina.

To me that is a great sign of a well-rounded recruiting program. Yeah, we've had a few guys go down for a few games to injury, but what we've got is options on offense (not to be confused with a triple-option being run at a secondary program in Georgia). God forbid anything happen to Knowshon, but if it did we've got 2 guys battling for the backup spot who have been tearing up practices. Also Matthew Stafford will be able to throw to several excellent WRs if our running game is off. On that same note, if anything happened to #7 we've got a pretty decent back-up in Joe Cox who doesn't have the best arm of the bunch, but can easily take snaps and hand-off to backs or make some short passes for yardage.

We've done a great job keeping ourselves off the list of programs with indispensable players. Putting all your eggs in one basket is what makes ghost town programs. I think we can all agree we've got quite a gauntlet ahead of us, but if a man goes down there is more than enough talent to fill for a few games and keep us rolling.

Go Dawgs!

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Hunker Down said...

The depth is such a new luxury. I could get used to this.