Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up: Olympics Edition

What can I say, since 7:30pm last Friday it has been nothing but 24/7 Olympics in the Alicious household.

Honestly, until I married my wife who is a total Olympics junkie I had little to no interest in the Olympics. Sure I went when they were in Atlanta and saw a couple of events, I even got my picture taken with Butterbean at the boxing event! But at the time I didn't appreciate them to the extent I currently do.

The opening ceremonies completely blew every other opening ceremonies out of the water. From the first time I nearly crapped my pants (at the 3 jillion light-brite drummers) to the last time I nearly crapped my pants (as the last torch-bearer began to turn and run around the inside of the hole in the roof, I thought his harness broke because he jostled to a 90 degree angle so quickly) it was an incredible spectical to say the least.

Aside from that, the events were fun to watch and having 3 NBC affiliates in high-def helped keep it interesting when badmitton was on. So far my favorite moments involved...

#5- LeBron James kneeing the basketball right into the ref's breadbasket after his free-throw rebound bounced back to him. Also, let it be known I tried to start up the "USA, USA, USA!!!" chant in my living room after every basket.

#4- Watching that 17 year old Chinese kid throw around 350 lbs in weightlifting like it was roasted dog on a stick (which you can't purchase in Beijing this month).

#3- Candidly catching some of the Chinese women swimmers tucking a "testicle shaped upper-thigh tumor" back into their swimsuit.

#2- Seeing Eli Manning smash his own world record and winning his first gold medal of the 2008 Olympics in the 400 meter swimmi...wait...Michael Phelps?! Ooooh, my bad.

#1- Knowing something few UGA fans know about America's secret weapon for the 33 meter high-dive. Here's a hint, he flew out yesterday and his name rhymes with Roach Park Micht!
Now you'll be #1 in the WORLD too, coach.

Other highlights include just seeing the outrageous Chinese architecture. I mean seriously...




Am I to deduce that if the building doesn't look like bubblewrap, then it has to look like a bubble? If it doesn't look like either then it has to look like 2 conjoined Tetris pieces? I almost expect a few Mario Kart characters to go whizzing by shooting turtle shells at people, but whatever. Get with the program, China!

If nothing else I've found this as an excellent way to keep my mind off how ready I am for football to start, so with that I keep my conscience clean with my part-time lover, the 2008 Olympics. Just remember college football, you were NEVER around when I needed you most!

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