Friday, August 29, 2008

South Carolina Gamecrocks

I was catching up with some games I missed last night off the DVR. Did South Carolina's QB really throw 3 interceptions before the 7:00 mark of the 2nd quarter against NC State's defense?!?!

It usually took Tra Battle a full half to get 3 picks off a guy, if this guy's giving them away that quickly I can't wait for 9/13/2008. We gone have us some fun!

I know by the final score USC turns it on in the second half, but they look like a rusty trombone right now...ugh.


Scott said...

I know it was just the opening game, but I'm not nearly as nervous about the Carolina game now. Seems strange to say about a team that won 34-0, but I was NOT impressed, especially along both lines of scrimmage.

Ally said...

1) Their offensive line sucked ass
2) The LB's are fat, not fast
3) Smelley clearly won the job of starting QB. 31 points in mostly the 3rd quarter will do that for a QB. Beecher's concussion just made SOS's job of benching him a lot easier. He won't see the field again.
4) I don't for a second think we saw the real lamecocks last night - stevie always plays his cards close to the vest before UGA.
5) I hope Cliff Matthews doesn't play - he was the only thing impressive a/b SCUm.
6) We should win, but it won't be as easy as most people think from judging last night's performance.

Just my two cents.