Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Wordles!

You know the drill.
Answers in the comments section.

Song #1

Song #2

Song #3

Song #4

Hows abouts a deep cut, eh?

Song #5


Ally said...

2. Never Tear Us Apart - INXS???
3. La Grange - ZZ Top
4. Beautiful Girls - Van Halen
5. One Of These Days - Pink Floyd

Not sure about #2 and can't figure out #1 either.

Ally said...

Is the first one: Call Me The Breeze by Lynard Skynard?

Anonymous said...

That first one is Lynyrd Skynyrd, for sure. But, it's not the Lynyrd Skynyrd song you're going to be hearing a lot in the next 10 weeks.

Mackie said...

We've got 1,3,4, and 5.

No takers on #2?

Answer will show up at 12:00am tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

Journey= Worlds Apart