Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Year Anniversary

If you've noticed the lack of posting lately, that's been due to me busting my tail trying to get work wrapped up.

Why am I getting work wrapped up?

Well, today 5 years ago I married the girl of my dreams. You might know her as "Sweetie" from the comments section when she tells me my post wasn't funny or I've made an ass out of myself.

Aside from all that, Sweetie has put up with a lot of my crap in a 5 year time-span. I'm a very lucky guy to be married to such a great girl, so for that I'm preparing for a nice little vacation.

The house-sitters are moved in, the dogs are at the puppy resort, our bags are packed, and after a great dinner tonight we plan on getting very little sleep as we anticipate our return to one happy island.

We first vacationed in Aruba on our honeymoon and have been waiting 5 years to make it back. In fact, you might not realize this, but everytime you visit Blogging Pantsless you see a picture from my honeymoon. Recognize this bad boy?

But long story short, I'm going to be even more lazy with my posting over the next week so lets keep those expectations to a minimum, folks. I fully expect UGA to mop the floor with Kentucky and beat the crap out of Florida while I'm gone. I've picked against the Dawgs in my Fantasy Pick'em groups which generally guarantees a victory for us. I'll catch the final scores overseas, but football will be a distant 2nd focus over the next week. I plan on giving all my time,attention, and charm to the love of my life...even if she is a Bama fan.


Bulldog action in your home via Dish Network Georgia

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Shakeweight Fiasco this Aaron or Josh? (please say Josh)

If we somehow turn this season around and finish strong enough to get a Gameday hosting, I wouldn't expect this picture to completely disappear. Even those idiots in Auburn are smart enough to blow-up a picture at Kinkos.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

At least Ole Miss picked the "best" bear.

...well, actually there are 2 schools of thought.

Still waiting on the lines to come out showing the Over/Under on # of days until an Ole Miss fan photoshops blackface onto a picture of Paul Bryant in a cleaver attempt to exercise politically incorrect mascottery.

I think the only thing worse than being a coward and bowing down to bed-wetters is losing to Jacksonville State in football. It'll be funny to watch how poorly Pedobear is received by the fanbase on Saturdays.

Cry me a river, Gaytors.

Anytime bloggers write a letter to the fanbase telling them to chill the 'eff out, it means they have doubts...such doubts.

But as a Georgia fan, who has endured losses to Mississippi State and Colorado, I would like to let the Gator fans know that if they want my sympathy they can find it in the dictionary between "s#*t" and "syphilis".'s from a song, people.

No, ELO isn't actually saying "Bruce" but it's like the CCR song that goes "...there's a bathroom on the right".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't bring me down, Bruce.

That's a fine lookin' dawg.

I'm wearing my bold prediction pants...just kidding, I'm not actually wearing pants right now...but I declare UGA VIII will end the Florida dominance streak.

Why do I say this?

No idea. But it's time, and this is the mascot I'm pinning all my college football hopes & dreams on. I'm looking forward to seeing the changing of the collars ceremony this Saturday. So a new era begins in Athens, but first, I'd like to address our interim mascot.

Dear Russ:
Thank you for your service to the Bulldog Nation. You beat some big names, and your lost to some slopsuckers. But during your tenure we went through a period of self-discovery that was long overdue. You transitioned us into a new breed of Bulldawg ready to take the field. For that, we salute you, and from all the Dawg fans out there I want to extend to you a laurel and hardy handshake...

...good dog, damn good.


Big Bad, lets get those nuts iced down, Noon games are warm out there. You've got a team to represent and one helluva grind coming up in 2 weeks. Make it happen, boy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teh Georgia Running Game

I'm pretty excited about the chance #24 Kendrun Malcome might play this weekend.

When was the last time you had this little faith in our RB's ability to:
#1. Run with authority.
#2. Hang on to the ball.
#3. Make big gains.

I was actually surprised Caleb King is averaging 5.2 yds/carry, but given we've been sending guys up the gut of an O-Line that hasn't opened up gaps I guess I should be "pleasantly" surprised. I enjoyed watching Aaron Murray carve up Tennessee's defense through the air, but the remainder of our schedule doesn't consist of Tennessee's defense. We've got to establish a running game that is competent, dependable, and sticky-fingered.

Malcome isn't a squirrely, juke-machine...he's a big, hard-running tailback who might spin his way into a few extra yards here and there. He ought to get a few carries in the first 1/2, but once we put it away give it to him often so he gets the reps. Start him in our impending loss to Kentucky, (cricket sound), then if he's the real deal let him split carries with the vets in the Cocktail Party.

If we're gonna be coughing up more balls than Christian LeMay's highschool-lady-friend we might as well get our youth some I right?

I'm pretty pumped because I'm finally getting some free-time to get up to Athens for a game. As you can tell by the splotchy posting I've been busy doing things that pay bills rather than blogging. Hopefully I'm catching a break just in time to leave the country later this month, but I'll try to get as much posting in as possible until vacation time. If not, I'll see you suckers in November when the Dawgs are back over .500.