Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't bring me down, Bruce.

That's a fine lookin' dawg.

I'm wearing my bold prediction pants...just kidding, I'm not actually wearing pants right now...but I declare UGA VIII will end the Florida dominance streak.

Why do I say this?

No idea. But it's time, and this is the mascot I'm pinning all my college football hopes & dreams on. I'm looking forward to seeing the changing of the collars ceremony this Saturday. So a new era begins in Athens, but first, I'd like to address our interim mascot.

Dear Russ:
Thank you for your service to the Bulldog Nation. You beat some big names, and your lost to some slopsuckers. But during your tenure we went through a period of self-discovery that was long overdue. You transitioned us into a new breed of Bulldawg ready to take the field. For that, we salute you, and from all the Dawg fans out there I want to extend to you a laurel and hardy handshake...

...good dog, damn good.


Big Bad, lets get those nuts iced down, Noon games are warm out there. You've got a team to represent and one helluva grind coming up in 2 weeks. Make it happen, boy.

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amanda young said...

Such a nice Bulldog! is Bruce is his him? very cute.. amanda vanderpool model