Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Div. III Snuggies

Though I am a die hard Georgia fan, the Harvard of the South is not my Alma Mater. I attended the Princeton of the South, LaGrange College. Unfortunately, production of Snuggies for Division III schools hasn't been given the green light.

As an effort to speed this up, I sent an email to our Dean of view how this turned out follow this link. (The blacked out areas are where personal information was printed I'd prefer not go public.)

I'm just glad he found it humorous and didn't attempt to revoke my diploma.

Why cupcakes are good...

In an effort to provide an alternative opinion to many people who feel the scheduling of Idaho State is pathetic, I wanted to explain why throwing a couple of cupcakes into a schedule can be beneficial to UGA.

9.4.2010 - L.L. Rajun' Cajuns

11.6.2010 - I.S. 'Tater Tigers...RAAAAAAAARRR!!!

Reason #1: Apparently if Boise State can beat 12 cupcakes + Oregon and be in the running for a BCS Bowl game, I doubt playing 2 cupcakes + the SEC + Colorado + Tech will hurt America's opinion of UGA's schedule strength.

Reason #2: Remember earlier last week when we thought Arizona State would be a welcomed break for our boys who might finally get a blow-out win we've been looking for? Nope, I don't remember that either...must notta happened. It also doesn't hurt we get Idaho State in between the Cocktail Party and Auburn next year, the next best thing to a bye week is a cupcake.

Reason #3: I know they say if you're going to lose, lose early. But I'm a little selfish and prefer starting out 1-0...even if it means I don't get to drive a hundred thousand miles to Oklahoma and spend a lot of money to get a good match-up.

Reason #4: (and perhaps my best reason) I think cupcakes are the best opportunity for families with small children to enjoy a game in Athens. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the big-time match ups like LSU and Tech, but having a family friendly environment where young children don't have to hear nerds yelling "TO HELL WITH GEORGIA" or see LSU fans puking and defecating themselves goes a long way toward molding the next generation of Dawg fans. I'm sure this reasoning will go over as well as Mike Adams' "family friendly tailgate zones", but I will readily admit those no drinking ghost town areas were a bad idea. If you don't want your children to hear cursing and see me streaking, don't take them to Georgia/Auburn...take them to Georgia/Midvale.

Willie Martinez is pulling on the other side of that door.

I know it's not as exciting, and I know the stadium might not sellout. But there is a soft, Communistic side of me that feels parents of small children should have the opportunity to let their children bark in public without having some visor-wearing douchebag with a "COCKS" shirt on dropping F-Bombs and shooting birds at them. Just my opinion, please somebody think of the children!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning After Pill

I had 2 people offer me tickets to the Arizona State game. RARELY will I pass up free tickets to a Georgia game, but the stars aligned against me for Saturday's matchup. A rainy forecast in combination with a 7pm kickoff (which puts me back home in Marietta by Sunday) doesn't equal tons of fun for yours truly.


I did end up going to the Tech/UNC game Saturday at noon. I was offered tickets by a church member who has club seats at Historic Mark Richt Field. We were 7 rows up on the 35 yd line with access to the club level and 2 free beers or glasses of wine (no Cokes, no hotdog, but free booze is better anyway). I remained neutral, I didn't cheer for Tech but I did clap whenever UNC had a big play. I wore red shorts, my University of Colorado 1990 National Champions t-shirt, and a black & red Grateful Dead hat. I only got a smattering of comments from under the breath of surrounding nerds (who were able to stop bitching about there not being WIFI in the stadium long enough to notice someone not wearing a variation of mustard yellow was seated around them). But I went, and had a relatively good time mocking all of Techs ...(COUGH)...."traditions".
Like the "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh-Oh" song, (you may know it as the annoying techno song played at Braves games after someone hits a homerun).

But anyway, back to the point I'd originally wanted to make...ah yes.

Georgia could easily be 0-4 right now. EASILY. 9 times out of 10 the better team prevails in a football game, and we've had our share of tough breaks. But I will tell you once again, you can't "lucky-bounce" your way into a winning season in the SEC. The turnovers are killing us and had we been playing one of the teams we are about face in the next 4 games (yes, Vandy too) we would be standing at the summit of Mount .500.

Other facts of note regarding the weekend in College Football:

-Joe Paterno coached a football game in the rain last night, I presume he will die of pneumonia by Thursday.

-LSU doesn't look quite as daunting after 2 successful goal-line stands notes say Mississippi State, that can't be right. Let me get back to you on this one.

-Alabama's defense held Arkansas to 7 points, yep, 7 points. AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!1

-#6 Cal lost to a bunch of clowns in glowing green neon prison jumpsuits.

-Phil Steele is full of @#$% and I'm never ever ever ever EVER allowing him to assist me in my Grill Topper Open picks...EVAH!

-I will never talk trash to Ally again regarding our Grill Topper Open picks.

-Tebow 3:16 got hauled away in an ambulance filled with crucifixes and holy water because Corch Irvin Meyers is a numbnuts who is trying to have his meal ticket break records instead of pulling him out with a 4 possession lead against KENTUCKY!

That's about all I got regarding everyone else's team. I plan to have a couple of subsequent posts up tomorrow, one about the good...and one about the bad of our boy's win. Can you guess which post will be longer?!? Until then, rejoice in the victory Dawg never know if it will be your last.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

America Loses Faith in USC

...apparently America knows something Las Vegas bookies don't.

Single White Fan Blog

I will readily admit, I'm not the best NFL fan. I have my reasons as to why I don't follow the Pros, but really I find college ball to be way more interesting (mainly due to the turnover of its athletes). I'll pull for the Falcons because they're the home team and I think Matt Ryan is a pretty good person, but if they lose it won't ruin my weekend the way a Bulldog loss will.

So technically I have my affiliated NFL team...but what about those in neutral states? My wife went to the University of Alabama (bless her heart) and she had a friend there who has started a blog called Single White Fan. His premise is as follows:

"I'm sending a letter to every NFL team asking them to make their case as to why they're the team for me. Where will this lead? Who knows. Maybe a form letter they send to every fan that mails them. Maybe I get a free t-shirt (and don't underestimate the power of a bribe). Maybe Jerry Jones arranges a charter flight for me to join him in the owner's box for every home game so he can wine and dine me and teach me what it means to be a Cowboy. I am fully prepared for any of these possibilities."

It's a pretty interesting concept and he's already heard back from the Buffalo Bills organization (with gifts!). So if you get a chance to check him swing over and do so, it's a pretty good read and consistently updated...unlike some blogs around here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fran Tarkenton

Many people lose sight of UGA greats prior to the years Herschel Walker was running over people. I heard NFL Hall of Famer, and former UGA quarterback, Fran Tarkenton on the radio this morning talking about his new book, "Every Day is Game Day".

Fran Tarkenton led the 1959 Dawgs to the SEC Championship under Coach Wally Butts. He's been inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the NFL Hall of Fame, and the College Football Hall of Fame. His book is essentially his autobiography which highlights some great days on and off the field.

Bottom line, if you've finished Munson's book already I suggest swinging over to Tarkenton's website and picking up his new book. The best part is (for my fellow memorabilia junkies) you can get it personalized from Sir Francis himself on his website for $16...helluva deal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

This is what you get....

OchoDos claims Coach Richt has a button to stop the rain. No official statement from the Athletic Department yet, but I'm willing to suggest the heavy flooding is the back-up caused by stopping the rain for practices.

I believe it was Spiderman's Uncle Ben who said...

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

I hope Coach Richt uses his weather button more responsibly in the future.

With that out of the way, I'll now ask you to sign my petition requesting Sonny Perdue lead the state in a prayer for may sign the petition in the comments section.

Football Picks

I've been doing college football pick'em groups for several years now. I've based a lot of my picks off watching how the teams have performed against their previous competition and how well I know who's playing. Sometimes I win with picks like Michigan over Notre Dame, sometimes I lose like BYU falling to FSU (though the imaginary headlines of "Bowden nails Cougars" were like Christmas for a guy like me).

Either way, some of you might be the type of person who puts some $$$ on the line in choosing your teams. If you are, I'd like to pass on a couple of links. Here you can find your NCAA Football Odds, and here you can actually put your money where your mouth is when you make your College Football Picks.

No trips to Vegas required, it's as simple as setting up an account and funding it to make you some taxable income over the weekend. No bookies, no broken arms, and no hitmen killing your father (Michael Jordan only wishes he'd known about this back in the 90's). It's all in good fun and if you're confident in your selections it's a good way to earn some gas money for the trip to the Cocktail Party.

I will caution you to not be stupid. Sports betting can be a responsible activity as long as you limit yourself as to how much you're willing to lose. So if you set up an account don't start moving your life-savings around just to make some picks you think you can win on. Play responsibly and keep it fun for all of us.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joe Cox's 5 Touchdowns

I ripped this off from The Senator's page, but I thought it was worth repeating...

Joe Cox was doing his best Matthew Stafford impression last night, it could have used more kegs and spooning, but overall I give it a 9 out of 10.

Great game, Joe...let's keep this offense rolling.

The Morning After Pill

Aborting everything you thought you knew about Georgia football.

Well, it's Sunday morning and I'm confused. I'm past the point of trying to understand what we're doing, and more along the lines of attempting to make sense of what is happening. Does Joe Cox suck or is he good? Is our defense good or does it suck? WHY THE FRICK CAN WE NOT STOP THE REDONKULOUS TURNOVERS?!!?

A few things became clear to me last night:

#1. If we don't stop playing poorly in the first 1/2 once we get into the upper-tier SEC opponents (LSU, Florida, and perhaps even Tennessee?!?) the game will get out of hand early and no amount of AJ Green awesomeness will save us.

#2. I thought Willie would use 2009 as his platform to shut up the critics. It appears as though his platform was supported by his same old playbook, thus collapsing the platform and killing several small children playing near it. The Dawg Nation isn't happy with this fellow.

#3. Great, young talent at Tight End is a warm and fuzzy feeling I look forward to every game.

#4. Our committee of running backs seemed to get better with Caleb King returning, but I have reason to doubt the Arkansas defense wasn't doing their best to make our guys look good. Also Carlton Thomas is a very small person, running him into the middle of a defensive line seems a little mismatched.

#5. The next time we have multiple false starts I would love for Coach Richt to burn a timeout just to pull our line off to the side and holler at them. I know he never would and timeouts can be valuable, but to show a little emotion and fire on the sidelines would go a long way toward letting us know he cares.

#6. My Pantsless Previews are in serious need of revision. Of course I will boast I had us at 2-1, though I picked us to lose at Arkansas instead of Okie State (which has turned out better for our SEC hopes). Hopefully with a little wiggle room in my workload I'll be able to crank out a few adjusted predictions this week.

There are several other things I'd like to write about but I can't seem to string them together in any meaningful way and it would make for one huge run-on post. Hopefully I'll sort a few things out and get my act together before Monday.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursdays on North Ave.

I had a new idea for a comic strip I'll try to keep updated. I hope you like it. With any luck you'll think it's as funny as Family Circus...oh wait.

Happy Friday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


For those who didn't know I've been on vacation for most of the month of September. I'm back and I've got a TON of work to catch up on, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze out some posting later this afternoon.

I got back from Disney last night and the one thing that sticks out in my mind (regarding the drive out of Florida) is the sheer volume of Vasectomy and Anti-Abortion billboards. There must be a helluva lot of people wishing they hadn't taken their kids to Disney.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Road to Recovery

I don't know about you guys but I had a good weekend. I left for Stillwater, OK on Wednesday and camped out for 3 nights. Had some pretty good food, hung out with some good friends, and helped UGA kickoff the season...however poorly the special teams were.

The loss hurt pretty bad, I know most people have already commented but I thought I'd share my POV as well.

- Road losses suck, but they suck worse when you make the trip expecting a win.

- With the exception of our first drive of the game, our offense seemed to play without purpose until there was a sense of urgency...and that's not good.

- There are no excuses, but I really hope Joe Cox was playing near his deathbed with sinus AIDS or whatever ailment he had.

- The defense looked pretty good, and at one point I was hoping Zac Robinson would continue to throw the ball because we were continually coming close to some huge pickoffs...unfortunately I wasn't thinking that during the second half of the game.

- If Dez Bryant doesn't make that touchdown catch to get OSU on the board before halftime, would Georgia have played a more motivated second half? The stadium was electric once they got points and it didn't seem to stop until we were down 24-10.

- Orson Charles had himself a pretty good game with a couple of huge plays. I expect a lot from our new freshman TE.

- Dan Patrick made it clear to me he isn't a fan of red pants, I made it clear to Dan Patrick I think he works in a dying medium.

Finally, the last thing I want to say regarding Oklahoma State is it was uncharacteristic of the Georgia Football I've come to expect. Where do we go if we drop another game before we hit what we thought would be the meat of our schedule? If it becomes clear Joe Cox isn't the Tee Martin we thought he was, do we revamp for Logan Gray (which David Hale doesn't think is happening) or should we give the reps to our future in hoping we have another Matthew Stafford on our hands?

I don't know what to tell you. The trip was fun, the game sucked, and the drive home where I arrive in Marietta at 10am Sunday sucked even more. I hope our guys just had some jitters and made stupid mistakes, but the turnovers and the "I'm gonna fall down the first time I'm hit" ideology had better get flushed REAL QUICK because it could stink up our stadium next week when South Carolina comes calling.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After a close call of having my plans completely screwed up by our government's inability to properly take care of it's veterans, the roadtrip is back on. Josh Moor is on the DL with a busted up knee, but the slightly more annoying Chris Hopkins was able to fill the void after a last minute plea to his employer.

Our goal is to leave Marietta, GA early tomorrow morning. Drive 855 miles through:
-Little Rock

...and hopefully arrive in Stillwater with enough daylight to set up camp for the night.

We'll be out at Lake Carl Blackwell for the next 3 nights so feel free to swing by and holler "HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS?!?"

No word on the Georgia Tailgate spot around the stadium but we'll be looking for the sea of red & black congregating. If all else fails look for us at Eskimo Joe's trying to stack our cups as high as possible.

...for those who weren't aware every time you order a beer they bring it out to you in a different plastic cup. To the winner go the spoils, but you are guaranteed to return home with enough plastic wear to host many a Gameday party.

But to my fellow Dawgs who will also be making the trek, Godspeed. Safe travels, Bulldog Nation...we shall return home victorious!