Thursday, September 24, 2009

Single White Fan Blog

I will readily admit, I'm not the best NFL fan. I have my reasons as to why I don't follow the Pros, but really I find college ball to be way more interesting (mainly due to the turnover of its athletes). I'll pull for the Falcons because they're the home team and I think Matt Ryan is a pretty good person, but if they lose it won't ruin my weekend the way a Bulldog loss will.

So technically I have my affiliated NFL team...but what about those in neutral states? My wife went to the University of Alabama (bless her heart) and she had a friend there who has started a blog called Single White Fan. His premise is as follows:

"I'm sending a letter to every NFL team asking them to make their case as to why they're the team for me. Where will this lead? Who knows. Maybe a form letter they send to every fan that mails them. Maybe I get a free t-shirt (and don't underestimate the power of a bribe). Maybe Jerry Jones arranges a charter flight for me to join him in the owner's box for every home game so he can wine and dine me and teach me what it means to be a Cowboy. I am fully prepared for any of these possibilities."

It's a pretty interesting concept and he's already heard back from the Buffalo Bills organization (with gifts!). So if you get a chance to check him swing over and do so, it's a pretty good read and consistently updated...unlike some blogs around here.


Goat said...

"unlike some blogs around here." OUCH.

Mackie said...

That was more in reference to myself...should have clarified. You have an excuse, your blog is underwater.

rachaelgking said...

Oh my lord, that is HILARIOUS.