Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Div. III Snuggies

Though I am a die hard Georgia fan, the Harvard of the South is not my Alma Mater. I attended the Princeton of the South, LaGrange College. Unfortunately, production of Snuggies for Division III schools hasn't been given the green light.

As an effort to speed this up, I sent an email to our Dean of view how this turned out follow this link. (The blacked out areas are where personal information was printed I'd prefer not go public.)

I'm just glad he found it humorous and didn't attempt to revoke my diploma.


Bernie said...

They should put a full size cardboard cutout of you next to the display...snuggied up with a remedial math text book.

Unknown said...

I'm impressed he didn't offer to have you arrested. My college dean prolly would have.

Anonymous said...

Dudley Moore should hire you for marketing Metimucil.