Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Great Depression

I fought it. I fought it hard. I didn't want to put myself through it all over again. But the whole time I knew it was there, I couldn't avoid it. After a long day of work, I would sit down in the living room with my dinner in hand as my wife flipped through the DVR to watch her Oprah for the day...and I would see it, staring at me. Though Oprah talking to a whole family addicted to heroin was mildly interesting, my mind was elsewhere. I couldn't avoid the DVR'd Georgia/Alabama game I so desperately wanted to delete...but I knew I'd have to look it in its ugly black eye eventually.

So in my state of depression, I bit the bullet. I had to know if it was really as bad on television as it felt in person. To be honest, I didn't watch the whole first half, I couldn't. I knew those first 2 quarters were something so vile and disgusting it would make the owner of an adult movie store in Thailand vomit like my aunt watching 2 girls 1 cup for the first time.

MOM, can I have another spoonful of Willie Martinez' defensive schemes?

So I sat there, and I watched eCMR tell Holly Rowe our defense needed to "get after their asses". It was good to see G.A.T.A. get thrown out there for old times sake. I believe Coach Richt is one of those guys who doesn't have to curse to get his point across, but when he does, and it's headed in your direction, you better hold on to you #&$%'n hat because cameras aren't allowed in the locker rooms and like space, no one can hear you scream.

Watching the second half, I almost, almost, thought we had a shot when we pulled within two touchdowns. Of course I knew we lose in the end, but I was trying to view this from the unbiased eye. To sum it all up, we had shiny golden moments of "holy crap we might just pull this off" mixed in with Latino Honda Civic green moments of "AAArrgghhhhhhh!!!1".

Michael Moore looked like he used every single one of his tattoos to catch some impossible balls in double coverage. Yet, he also got hit square in the chest with distanced single coverage a few times making it look like his pads were made of trampolines. That was frustrating and painful to watch, but overall it didn't seem as bad as it felt Saturday night.

My final thoughts are as following:

#1. I am uber-thrilled this is a bye week. With the injuries we sustained last Saturday, we might be toast against a mediocre Tennessee team if we had to play just 7 days later.

#2. Judging solely by the fire and poise we came out with in the second half, I feel confident if we play 4 quarters of football (as opposed to 2 quarters of grab@$$ and 2 quarters of fight for your life) we can make it through the next stretch relatively unscathed...hopefully. Again, that's playing 4 whole quarters of blood-boiling, fire-breathing, knock the festivin' snot outta people SEC football.

#3. Ben Jones going toe-to-toe and forehead-to-chest with Terrence Cody in slow motion might be one of the most inspirational things you could ever show future freshmen centers. Jones did about as good a job as you could possibly ask someone in his position to do. ESPN showed several replays of Mt. Cody getting his moneys worth from Ben Jones. Yeah Stafford still felt pressure and Jones got flagged for holding, but Terrence Cody outweighed our freshman center by 60+ lbs. I look forward to seeing him shape up to be a brick wall in the next couple of years, thanks Ben.

#4. I have been patient with Willie Martinez so far this year. I was patient with him last year, even when I didn't want to be, and he turned it around after the near loss to Vandy making last year a season to remember. The South Carolina game was too close, strike one. The Bama game is strike two. If I have to watch another half of uninspired defense coached by a stubborn DC who refuses to change his gameplan, even as the opposition is tearing it to shreds, I'm willing to jump on the Fire Willie Bandwagon. I want to love you, Willie, I really do. But I enjoy you on the sidelines like I enjoyed seeing Ray Goff. Your heart is there, but my faith in your skills and qualifications is waining.

Hopefully our boys are taking their aspirin and keeping ice on the swelling. Pray for quick healing before this long haul because we need to be 100%. Break the thin ice of depression fans because our team needs us more than ever. They know the pain of loss. They are no longer the invincible wonder Dawgs they originally thought. I'm hoping it left a void only winning the SEC East can fill. We need to be hungry, we need to play with emotion, and we need every single kid out there in silver britches to step up and perform at the level they were recruited to perform. I hope practice this week is a living hell for the Athens boys who got beat by Alabama. Some testicles better drop before we get Tennessee, Vandy, LSU, Florida, Kentucky, and Auburn because that is a man-sized portion to put on your plate.

Go Dawgs and G.A.T.A.

The man's keepin' me down!

Light posting today, I've got to do training this morning on top of the 3 projects I have due before the week is over...yay.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Not looking good for you Willie, the natives are getting restless.

Wikipedia Entry for Willie Martinez

UPDATE: Looks like the powers at be fixed some of the "editorials" that got mixed in with the entry.

Picture with 0:51 left in the 4th.

This picture has not been altered, beating the Blackout really does that to your face.

My only satisfaction was gained by yelling "I HOPE YOU RUN OUT OF GAS!" at the Bama masses while we were leaving.


Well, that was a crappy weekend.

It's not that I mind losing, and furthermore it's not that I mind losing to my wife's school. It's that I don't like losing games that we get blown out in the first half. Why? Because the first half is all the media remembers.

This was The Splenda Bowl all over again. No one remembers we lost to West Virginia by 3 points. They just remember Dick Rod's boys having their way with us for 2 straight quarters. The Tide did the same thing and our defense crapped in their silver britches. However, I'm very proud of our fans for sticking around. Sometimes we get a bad wrap for leaving early when times are tough, but whatever happened in the locker room worked and we showed up for the last half. A 31 point deficit is hard to overcome, but we would have done it had we held them scoreless. Then again if "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts I wouldn't be eating this bologna sandwich for lunch...I be eating candy...AND NUTS!

Alabama has a good team, but their team isn't as good as we made them look for the first half. We got out-coached, out-played, and straight up bullied in our own stadium. At least now our boys know we're not invincible and hopefully will play the remainder of the season with a chip on their shoulder. If we run the table on the rest of our schedule (which is NOT what I banked on happening), we'll be back in the title hunt...but now my priority for the Dawgs is winning the East.

Congratulations to Sweetie and the rest of the Alabama fans who made the trip. It's a great feeling to win a big game in what should have been an impossible environment (The Blackout definitely had the fans there, next time if the team would show up it'd be nice, K thnx). I promised my wife we'd stick around until the end of the game regardless of the outcome. She's been a good sport the past 3 UGA/BAMA games, the least I could do was swallow my pride for the proverbial jackhammer to the sack we know as "Rammer Jammer".

As for the black jerseys, I have mixed feelings as to their future. Coach Richt wouldn't make a comment regarding what to do with them, but I know stuff like that dies hard in the SEC. Again, I like what it does for the fanbase, but if the players don't understand the concept of "we'll do our part, you do yours" the whole atmosphere concept is bunk.

All hard feelings aside, I had fun last weekend (and if I keep telling myself that I might begin to believe it). The tailgating was awesome and hearing Florida lose via the cheers coming across Williams Street from The Blind Pig Tavern was heaven on Earth. It was a tough week for the top 10, but the AP & Coaches polls were extremely kind to us. If I had known the worst case scenario was sitting at #11 after a loss I would have felt better Saturday night on the ride home. But we've got a loss under our belt, and it's time to hunker down for the long road ahead.

Go Dawgs, and 1000 Bloody Marys to the Crimson Tide. My only request is that you do the same thing to Auburn & Tennessee and hopefully we'll get another shot at you in December.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Tailgating Pantsless

The Alicious household has established it's plans for tailgating tomorrow. We'll be leaving Marietta, GA around 1-ish tomorrow with hopes of arriving at the Williams Street permit lot around 3pm. Feel free to swing by and say hey, I'll be the one wearing black.

...seriously though, we'll be in a blue F-150 (with a grill guard) that has a Georgia flag on the drivers-side window and an Alabama flag on the passengers-side window. We'll have a grill around back and 2 red chairs. Sweetie will have a knife, so don't bark at her (I made that mistake once and now when we decide to have children they will either be all girls or all boys...the doctors don't know which testicle was salvaged).

We'll be there until an hour or so before gametime because we've got to meet up with some other friends at a fraternity house beforehand.

There likely won't be much posting action today because I want to tie up a few loose ends at work before I call it a day. That being said, I was completely clueless that USC got taco-popped by Oregon State until 8am this morning. Epic Fail, Zach Morris. That might make me the most ill-informed college football blogger out there, ouch!

UPDATE: Due to the gas crunch we might be in my truck or in my buddy's truck, don't know yet. Either way if you're swinging by look for the flags mentioned above. Also, hollering out "MACKIE" will get my attention.

My Munson Tribute

My plan was to save this post until closer to Halloween given the context of the picture. Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and post it because I really didn't do much to honor Larry's retirement announced earlier this week. It's not much but they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

All that aside, here you go.

Halloween 2007,

my costume,

one Mr. Lawrence Harry Munson.

Rumor has it Larry might be a "team captain" for the game Saturday. I doubt this will be the case because Larry is notoriusly modest. As far as honoring the legend of Larry Munson, if he is in fact standing at midfield for the coin toss, expect Sanford Stadium to fall down, the booths to come apart, now they will have to renovate that place...hmm...that sounds familiar. In other words, if you're lucky enough to be one of the 92K+ Saturday with a ticket, be ready to salute our 12th man in case honors are given.

...not to be confused with Arizona State's 12th man.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Macknac the Magnificent: BAMA Edition

Come in, my child, have a seat. I hope you brought some Wetnaps because I'm about to blow your mind all over the computer screen. I have here in my hand 3 envelopes with questions regarding this weekend's opponent and SEC rival, the Alabama Crimson Tide. I will use my psychic abilities to answer the questions before I open said envelope; and in turn will wow and amaze all you fine readers. Lets get started shall we?

Envelope #1 (holds to head)

Macknac: ...and the answer is, "Zero of the last Three".

Ed: ZERO of the last THREE Heh, Heh, Haaaaahhhh!

Macknac: ...thank you Ed McMahon.

Ed: ...YES SIR!

Macknac: (opens envelope) the question...How many of the past 3 hair plug operations have been successful enough for Nick Saban to fool people?

Ed: Heh, Heh, Haaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! ZERO!!!

Macknac: (looks at Ed blankly) ...right, that's what I said, thank you Ed.


Envelope #2 (holds to head)

Macknac: ...and the answer is, "Alabama Blackout"

Ed: Ala-Bama Blackout, Heh, Heh, Heeeehhhhh.

Macknac: (opens envelope) the question...What happens when Bama Defensive Tackle Terrence Cody stands in front of the Sun?


Envelope #3 (holds to head)

Macknac: ...and the answer is, "Gene Stallings"

Ed: Gene Stallings, Heh, Heh, Haaaaaaa.

Macknac: (opens envelope) the question...What is the molecular explanation to Alabama's lack of athletic ability?


{audience goes wild with applause, curtain draws}

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Enough with the 'blackout', ok?"

If you ever tire of jamming rusty nails into your eyes and want to look at something really painful, check out Terrence Moore's articles he vomits up over at AJC.com.

All you need to know is the titular line of his "article" (article used loosely).

Enough with the ‘blackout’, ok?

He goes on to make some other fine points such as....

...and there you go.

Regardless of this, the only fun stuff in anything T-Mo writes is located in the comments section. The fun comes because 99% of Georgia knows Terrence is a racebaitor, the remaining 1% come from Clayton County schools and can't read. So here are a few of my favorite comments so far:

By WhiteDawg
September 24, 2008 12:40 PM Link to this
Can’t imagine your feelings if CMR had asked Bulldog Nation for a white out. Now that would be a hoot ! Go Dawgs

By Maddog
September 24, 2008 12:49 PM Link to this
Terence, this one is a keeper. Never thought you’d have a negative word about anything black.

By JCubby
September 24, 2008 11:02 AM Link to this
Moore against a blackout? Irony anyone?
I could just keep hitting refresh all day and get enough entertaining reading material to last me until Saturday.

This is corny...

...get it!?!....because it's made of corn!#1!! lolrotflolin2moompblol!!!1

Anyway, I thought this was an awesome workin' man's tribute to Larry. It's a 7 acre corn maze down in McDonough on Southern Belle Farm. The information is as follows per the AJC.

Where: Southern Belle Farm, 1658 Turner Church Road, McDonough, GA Price: $12; $10 ages 5-9; ages 4-under are free Contact: 770-898-0999

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just a thought...

If Matthew Stafford was a class act he'd request Wallace Gilberry send flowers to Larry Munson this year instead. But like I said, that's just a thought.

(because honestly, last year Gilberry got as close to Larry Munson as he did Matthew Stafford)

Terrence Cody

Terrence Cody (pictured w/o helmet) can only elicit the following responses from everyday "normal-sized" people.

Blast Bama Week

This is what life is like when you're a Georgia fan married to an Alabama fan.

The folded white shirts are her Bama Homecoming t-shirts...the other ones (not folded) in the foreground are mine.

Oh this is cute, all my Georgia decor is knocked over...funny.

Alright, this has gone too far, Guitar Hero isn't even related to football.


Things I think are B.S.

The Georgia Sports Blog is the world-wide leader in all things UGA for a reason.

1. They're wearing black because they're going to a mother f---ing funeral!

Always remember how lucky you are to have a coaching staff with class. As a commentor on another blog put it, if you're wearing black to a funeral, you're not the one who's dead.

2. It's hard to score a goalline touchdown when Arizona State has more people on the field than you do...nice job Pac-10 refs. Just remember to keep calling your "Leaping" penalties and you'll be fine.

On the Retirement of Larry Munson

I have nothing new to add to this story. There is no inside information or insight I bring to the table regarding Larry's plans. My only wish is that he's doing it because he wants to, not because he's unable to. Saturday I hope Larry gets to sit in a fishing boat and do what he always wanted (except I doubt he'll be listening to Scott Howard since it's a night game). Larry's done his service to the University of Georgia and he's done his service well. I don't think he'll get the nationwide coverage deserved of someone whom I see as the Harry Caray of Georgia, but then it's only retirement, nothing more.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Alright, I've finally got a little work out of the way this morning and have freed up some time to throw up yet another garbage riddled post.

I didn't watch the UGA/ASU game Saturday. While this game was going on I was at a big bon-fire up in Helen, GA (where Oktoberfest starts in September). Regardless, I listened to most of the 4th quarter driving back home to Atlanta that night and was able to watch the game Sunday morning when I should have been gettin' my church on.

Anyway I remember Scott Howard talking about some questionable spots and junk calls from the Pac-10 refs. Honestly I wasn't expecting any kind of quality officiating from the crap-hole Pac-10 crew, but seriously...LEAPING!?!? Between that and Mo Mass' "tripping" penalty I worried about potential "travelling" and "double-dribble" calls being thrown in the mix...you know...just for the helluvit. If you noticed the remainder of the game no one tried to jump up and block a FG or PAT due to that crap call. If Boss Bailey was dead he would be spinning in his grave that is approximately 46" higher than everyone elses. Completely crap and it looked like the officiating crew was out there looking for reasons to penalize the Dawgs. But I just wanted to get that out of the way and move on to the good stuff.

Remember that thread going around on ASU's message boards that showed the UGA player look-alikes? Forget Rennie Curran looking like a Mack truck; that guy looked like a freakin' heat seeking missile powered freight-train made of Kryptonite and Acme anvels hauling a load of Mack trucks and...um...other...various really big things (yeah, I sputtered out there).


Rudy: ...I should have just gotten water.

So anyway, all the bellyaching we did regarding our pass defense has mostly gone by the way-side. What's the next big thing to whine about?!? Goal line offense!

During my ride home I heard the call-in show afterwards and Scott and Eric fielded several questions on how we should have gone for it on 4th and inches or tried to squeeze in one more play as the clock ran out. After the South Carolina game, our Pass Rush was a legitimate topic to complain about, but don't go looking for something to bitch about after a win like that. Scott Howard's actual words were "If you married Heidi Klum, don't complain that she burned the spaghetti."

...well said Scott.

Everything else looked great, my only gripe might be that Bryan Evans looked a little sluggish on some tackles, but even then I'm grasping at straws. Great defense, great offense, pretty good special teams, our offensive line version 4.0 held up just fine, Knowshon can add flying to his resume, Stafford STILL hasn't thrown an interception, and AJ Green is deservedly so the SEC Freshman Player of the Week.

I'm very excited about the Blackout Bama game. I think Coach Richt has got a great thing going with the Blackout games. It not only gets the fans into it, but the players get pumped and it give the visiting recruits something to look at and think "that would be freakin' b@d@$$ to get to wear someday". As long as we limit it to 1 homegame a year I think it'll serve the Dawgs well as a new tradition. Plus we get Gameday, a night game (which is alright, though I'm more fond of the 3:30 myself), and some big-time exposure.

Hand it to a #8 Alabama team and perhaps we get the bump to #2 heading into a much needed bye week. After that, I have no idea how this season will unfold. I'm trying to keep myself grounded thinking definitely 1 loss, but worst case we blow it twice. I was thinking before the ASU game if we HAD to lose one, that would be the one to drop (no matter how much it hurts an out of conference loss is better than an SEC loss anytime...unless it's to GTU).

I caught part of Florida/Tennessee in a bar in Helen and wasn't too impressed with either of them. I think UGA clicking on all cylinders can easily mow down a #4 Florida team who has a Pass Defense that rivals the styrofoam from Hole in the Wall...

...meaning as long as you aren't a 300 lb. woman you should do just fine. Also, Hole in the Wall might be the LEAST watchable gameshow ever.

That's almost all I've got. I'm hoping right now our guys are catching up on their rest before we start (closed?) practices again. With any luck the ice treatment was able to be administered on the plane ride home killing two birds with one stone. UGA VIIs still undefeated, I loved Coach Bobo's reverse call, the death threats to Coach Martinez have stopped for this week, and Michael Moore has a @#$%-load of tattoos...NOW that's all I've got

Blast Bama Week

Some of you may know I'm married to a graduate of Alabama University, this week could get ugly.

OJ: "Mama, I'm heading to Tuscaloosa! They don't look for Heisman winners there!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Knowshon Jordan

Somebody give this man his own friggin' shoe!

Bama Blackout

I spent most of the summer and the first few games thinking we'd blackout Tennessee. Well, I was wrong. I guess we're going to go state by state with this wrecking ball...fine by me.

Picture from Russell's Flicker page...hope you don't mind.

Break out your blackout attire, it's time to make a BIG statement in front of a BIGGER television audience.

St. Nick vs Evil Richt (how's that for a change of roles?)

I'll get my thoughts of the ASU game up later, I still need to gather them, but until then can someone tell that guy in the background with the ASU polo to pick his jaw up off the ground?

He obviously doesn't Know-shon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

...one more thing.

It's not Talk Like a Pirate Day, it's Friday September 19th or All UGA/Arizona State's Eve. Unless you are someone so out of touch with current running jokes you think something that was mildly entertaining 4 years ago is still relavent, then go ahead and celebrate. Just don't let it get in the way of your game of POGS you scheduled with Joey Lawrence later.

Finally Friday

It seems like the work weeks during football season are longer than any other time of the year. This weekend we're gonna see what we're made of. I'm hoping for a Sugar Bowl-esq blowout, it's time to get some recognition dangit!

Posting will be light today, I've got a lot to get done in order to wrap it up early then go to opening night of Les Miserables at the Fox tonight. Unless something insane happens between now and 8pm Saturday I wouldn't expect much input from me. I'll probably catch up the weekend Sunday night or Monday morning.

Also, don't forget...no I tell you what, totally forget so I can make sure I get mine. AC/DC tickets go on sale this Saturday. Tickets start at $90 which is a small price to pay for a legend of rock music (this would make only the 3rd time I've broken $100 in paying for concert tickets, the first would be Roger Waters, the second was the Van Halen reunion with David Lee Roth, and ACDC makes 3). And unless by some miracle Led Zepplin (rumored), The Who, and the extremely rare chance that Pink Floyd's remaining members tour again...I may not exceed that limit again.

In honor of Bon Scott (who died choking on his own rock n'roll lifestyle) here is your themesong for the weekend.

Go Dawgs!

Also, if you're going to the "Australian Pink Floyd Show" in Gwinnett you're gay. It's not the same and there is NOTHING you can do to make me think it is.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rudy Carpenter: Quarterback, Actor, Coke Thief

Just to give you guys a heads up, someone refers to Coke in this video as "pop". HAHAHAHAHAhahaAH!!!!!!1111 What a dummy!

Aside from that, enjoy this poorly made video starring Rudy Carpenter as a person who asks for a cup to get some water, and gets Coke instead.

I must say I feel Nate Abdo's pain when he gets pissed off at people stealing Coke. I worked at Chick-Fil-A for 3 years in high school, and when we weren't printing up signs to ship out to UGA's rivals for games 2 weeks away, we had to keep a careful eye on people who wanted their #1 combo "with a water to drink". Those rat bastards would turn around and blatently fill their cup up with "pop" (haha) and we'd call them out for it. Some would even go to the effort to put their finger on the water button without actually pushing it and pour a nice glass of Sprite for themselves, WELL I GOT NEWS FOR YOU PUNK! WATER AIN'T GOT BUBBLES! I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING!

All that aside, Rudy can't be that bad of a guy because he obviously was making himself a suicide (like we used to in little league) to celebrate the Sun Devils victory over UNL...V....oh...wait...


Yes really, I was able to find a few clips I thought were great plays. Plus the thing was burning a hole in my DVR waiting to get deleted to I went ahead and pulled it. Enjoy!

Plus, seeing some of the better plays makes me feel better about what we might see Saturday.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What time will it be in Arizona?

This is what the bottom of my analysis barrel looks like...

I know a lot of teams who travel West to play games complain about the time change. I saw our team won't be leaving until Friday to prepare for the game the following night. If you noticed our game-time is 8:00pm EST; out in Tempe, AZ the gametime will be 5:00pm MST.

In the map above Mountain Standard is the small orange-colored time zone which runs on the same time as Pacific Standard (3 hours ahead of us EST people). However, based on my extremely limited knowledge of general geography, the 5 o'clock gametime in Arizona is going to look/feel like a 6 o'clock gametime according to people in Utah, most of Idaho, and western Montana.

I've been to Las Vegas before, and I know all about the "dry-heat" out in the desert. Once, I decided I wanted to see the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign and decided it was no big deal to walk to it from my hotel, New York, New York, around lunch-time...

I took this picture...you might be able to see the hotel if you squint.

So yeah, it's hot as balls out there, but the difference between 12-noon and the atmospheric equivalent of 6pm is literally night & day...heh, get it?!?

I'm not worried about the heat or the time, I'm worried about us not showing up to play. Georgia should man-handle the Sun Devils, keyword SHOULD.

Any thoughts/concerns from you guys?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

I was looking at YouTube for footage of Arizona St. QB Rudy Carpenter and stumbled across the last few minutes of the movie Rudy which stars that kid that played Brian Reynolds in the made for TV movie Please Don't Hit Me, Mom. Anyway, that movie is still as entertaining today as it was the first time I saw it. Why? #1. Tech gets beat. #2. Some garbage about personal triumph, believing in yourself, following your dreams, and all that other feel-good liberal hippie crap!

But all that aside I also did some looking into Arizona State's loss to UNLV last week. I don't know if that sucked more for them or for us as we realized we would yet again be playing a previously ranked opponent who bit the dust before we're scheduled to play them. Which makes it a lose/lose for UGA if Arizona St. plays us close and we barely win again, I can just hear Mark May now...

"Georgia might be the most overrated team ranked in the Top 10 because they've barely squeaked by two unranked opponents in a row who lost games to lesser squads. Now Dr. Lou if you'll excuse me I need to run to the little girl's room (grabs purse stuffed full of Playtex Heavy Flows and exits stage-right)."

Either way, Rudy Carpenter was being hailed as the 2nd best QB in the Pac-10 because of his "experience as a veteran" being that he is a 5th year senior and everything. Let it be known Reggie Ball was also a "seasoned vet" his last years of play and that experience doesn't compensate for lack of talent.

I didn't watch the end of Arizona State/UNLV because I was driving through Bumblefrick, South Carolina looking for $5/gas to make it home. But it says right cha' that the Sun Devil's final OT possession consisted of the following...

1st & 2nd Downs: Dimitri Nance has 2 carries for 7 yard.

3rd Down: Carpenter overthrows TE Jovon Williams in the endzone.

4th Down: Kicker ruins chances of ever getting laid as an undergrad at Arizona St.

(UNLV Celebrates, Dennis Ericson books trip to Arkansas assuming there will be an opening soon).

Carpenter might be worried the playcalling was too conservative for overtime play, but the question it doesn't answer is how they let UNLV tie up the game to force overtime to begin with.

Are you familiar with the phrase, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity."?

For those still worried about our Pass Defense, whether you like it or not, our defense was prepared to take advantage of mistakes made by South Carolina's offense last weekend. Yeah it sucked watching 2 consecutive drives headed toward our endzone but if the aforementioned saying holds true at least our guys are able to recognize mistakes and take advantage of them. Rennie Curran can recognize an exposed football trying to reach into the endzone (albiet from 4 yards away) and knows it's time to punch the fire outta that ball to knock it loose. Our drop 8 defensive scheme was still smart enough to see Chris Smelley's eyes get big as he thought of throwing it into the endzone (resulting in a game-saving pick with seconds left).

It is apparent Arizona won't be able to run the ball either from incompetence or our stellar Run Defense. Also unless we relapse into last weeks mindset our offense should EASILY run wild over the Sun Devil's couch-cushion fortress they call a defense. In my eyes it's shaping up like this, we have a competent offense and a defense that has ALOT to prove next Saturday. Arizona State's only option will be to throw the ball and hope it lands where Rudy directs it...that's it. They gave up 23 points to UNLV against their first-string defense.

Advantage Dawgs, bottom line.

Last night I actually finished watching the UGA/USC game and it turns out the Gamecock player wasn't trying to reach the ball into the endzone like I thought I'd seen in person. Rennie actually just plowed into the guy and it knocked the ball loose. When I saw the guy reaching out trying to grab the loose ball, that's what I assumed was him trying to stretch it into the endzone...my bad.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My thoughts on USC...

Now that its officially too late to offer any insightful commentary concerning the Dawg's performance I bring you my opinion of the game.

This was my first trip to Columbia for what Gamecock fans refer to as The Border War. Let me tell you a little something about this "rivalry".

#1. To a Gamecock, this is their biggest SEC game of the year, and the second biggest rivalry game of the year (behind Clem(p)son).

#2. To me, a staunch UGA supporter, this game is a tie for 7th with the Arizona State game as far as games I was excited/worried about (in order, 1.Florida, 2.LSU, 3.Auburn, 4.Tennessee/Alabama, 6. Tech, 7.USC/Arizona State, 9. Kentucky/Vandy/CMU, 12. Southern).

So when I walked into Willy-Brice Stadium and it was louder than most UGA games I go to, I began to think USC might want this game more than we do. I'm of the opinion two weeks ago against Vandy the 'Cocks got caught thinking ahead. Just like last Saturday we got caught thinking ahead to our trip to Arizona (and honestly Arizona St. did too, we just managed to think about it and win).

Everyone and their grandmother saw the AZ St. kids holding their Chick-Fil-A sponsored "Bring on Georgia" signs a while back. We might as well have been holding Wienerschnitzel sponsored "Our hearts are in Tempe" signs as we strolled around Columbia because our offense played like we were already members of the "Wiener Lover's Club".

Either way, we won and I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week.

Yeah, we dropped in the polls but don't worry. If we keep winning that won't matter any more. If you want to blow out a team coached by Tyrone Willingham each week and expect ESPN to bless you with a golden shower every time then you've got another thing coming, Bob Stoops. When we get into the heart of our schedule and prove we deserve to be ranked as high as we were preseason, then that's where we'll make our bread. I think South Carolina is going to surprise some people this year if they can get some competent offense going because their defense wasn't going to give us any freebies.

Yeah I was pissed to be out there in the 95 degree heat index with no wind (kicker's paradise) and have my team participate in an offensive pee pee sword-fight, but the good guys won, and we'll learn from having true competition expose our weaknesses we need to work on. Unlike the guy sitting behind me (who apparently should have been out there calling plays as much as he knew about the game), I'm not quite ready to fall into the rut of calling for Coach Martinez's first-born to be sacrificed because we rushed 3 and dropped 8. Our coaches know what they're doing and soon enough we'll win a big one by a large margin and we'll all be praising Willie and hopefully forgetting our old DC Brian Van Gorder who jumped ship to begin his quest for the world record of most jobs in a 10 year period (which is going swimmingly I hear).

Perhaps if/when we lose a game from the errors we made we can all throw our collective turd-logs into the fan, but until then rest assured that practice this week will be focusing on what we lacked and improvement is sure to come. Arizona State is a pass-happy team and our Pass Defense got 'pants'ed in front of the entire city of Columbia last weekend. Chillax, we'll fix it.

Each game from here on out is do or die. If you'll recall last year it took a scare from Vandy to start us on a Tazmanian Devil style path of destruction through the SEC's toughest. Perhaps an obliteration of Rudy Carpenter will open some eyes next weekend. If that doesn't work a presumed Black Out of Alabama should light the fuse to the Dawg-Rocket.

Either way, I still think it's a great time to be a Dawg fan because we've got a 5 game win streak in SEC play, under our current mascot we're undefeated, and Matthew Stafford STILL hasn't thrown an interception. Keep the faith, there is still a LONG road ahead of us and now is not the time to throw people under the bus.

How 'bout them Dawgs?

Good News/Bad News

As some of you know, this blog isn't only dedicated to UGA sports, I occassionally cover music stuff too because I'm a huge fan of classic rock. Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Good News:
AC/DC is coming to Philips Arena December 16th. I can't wait.

Bad News:
My #1 favorite band of all time, Pink Floyd lost a member this morning. Richard Wright who played keyboards/synthesizer and sang back-up vocals lost his battle with cancer back home in England. I say back home, because he also had a house in Atlanta he frequented. He was at the Roger Waters show I went and saw back in 1998 when I was in high school. Without Richard Wright there isn't half the cool effects Pink Floyd became known for in their early stuff (circa Dark Side of the Moon, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle). That unique haunting voice that sings Breathe, Us and Them, and other songs is actually guitarist David Gilmour's voice harmonized with Richard's.

I stand behind the fact I believe Roger Waters is and was the brains behind Pink Floyd, but without Richard Wright a lot would be lost.

Watch this portion of The Making of Dark Side of the Moon if you want to see how important he was musically and vocally.

Sometimes I foolishly don't expect legends to die and it feels wierd when they do.

July 1943 - September 2008

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mackalicious

Today is "Sweetie's" birthday. She is a hot & sexy 28 years young. She is the queen of clean and makes a damn fine hashbrown casserole. Although she refuses to allow me to post pictures of how hot she is on my blog when referencing Alabama fans, I figured I could at least get away with this.

Here is the birthday girl at the Spanish Steps in Rome (not Georgia) from out last vacation. If you see a girl who looks like any the 38 women from this picture, stop her and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" because chances are it's her!

Coming up...

I've got a good bit of work to do this morning, but after I finish up I'll get to my opinions on the South Carolina game.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gameday pictures


This picture is very misleading, I don't recall those clouds being there.

The stadium was surprisingly loud, perhaps that's what you get when only the hometeam perceives this as a rivalry game.
There were a good number of Dawg-fans who made the trip, that and Rolaids spelled relief.
Stafford: Alright Chandler, this one's coming to you.
Stafford: It's alright Chandler, shake it off, you'll get this one, buddy!
Stafford: Chandler come on man! Soft hands, remember, soft hands!

Stafford: Guys, I don't think we should throw it to Tripp anymore...

UGA VII looking handsome.

UGA VII still looking handsome.

UGA VII doing his worst UGA VI impression and not biting or snapping at Harry Dawg.

UGA/USC...no the other one.

Alrighty, well, not much to say about this game that hasn't already been said so I'll just recap the day.

8am - Leave Marietta for Columbia.

11:40am - arrive in Columbia and bypass a boyscout group offering $15 parking.

12:15pm - accidentally think I can park in the big grassy parking lot that turns out to be permit parking only (turn truck around).

12:30pm - finally find a parking lot and pay $20 to park, boyscouts previously mentioned in view.

12:40pm - fire up grill, beer, beer, hotdawg, beer, hard liquor, cigar, water, water, water.

3:00pm - follow crowd to stadium.

3:30pm - arrive at seats in time to hear 2001.

3:31pm until 5 minutes left in game - Roast, bake, fry, burn, sweat, stink, want to die, be pissed off.

Last 5 min. of game - Hallelujah SHADE!, bite nails, cheer, be pissed off, bite nails, cheer, leave.

(Lost track of time but time table runs as follows):

Walk back to truck hearing 'Cocks holler obscenities as Dawgs crow and talk trash.

Arrive at truck and down a gallon of water, listen to Dark Side of the Moon as traffic leaves.

Leave, sit in traffic...

Drive in traffic for an hour trying to get to I-20.

Realize I'm low on gas, stop in Aiken, SC for Waffle House and gas...no stations have gas, uh oh.

Drive to next exit and pay $4.39/gallon limit $40 (I use 2 different credit cards to fill up, thank God for good credit.)

11:00pm - Contemplate truck stop advertising cheap diesel and clean showers to wash layer of filth off.

12:30am - arrive home and take a shower, tell wife about my Dante's Inferno-esq trip.


Next come pictures, after that, my take on the game.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Finally Friday.

I don't know if I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long it made the work-week drag, but I'm pumped it's finally Friday.

I doubt I'll get too much content up today mostly because I'm behind on a project, It's my warehouse guy's birthday and I'm precooking ribs, also I've got a lot of stuff to get together for the trip to Columbia tomorrow.

If you're making the trip, we'll see you there. At the game me and my buddy will be in Section 19 Row A4 (so come by and shout out "MACKIE!" and I'll wave at you we'll chat and you can tell me how great my blog is.)

I haven't figured out where our tailgate will be yet. I still need to get my directions together, but either way, have a great weekend, and Go Dawgs!

If I get caught up after lunch I'll try to throw up a post or two.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


What exactly constitues an "Expert" over at Rivals?

Obviously one of these people doesn't fit in, and it's not the big purple football helmet...


The 'Cock Quarterback Conundrum

Spurrier is obviously playing coy going into this game. He's getting freshman quarterback Stephen Garcia more snaps in practice...but still sharing time with Sophomore Chris Smelley.

So I did some looking and found something pretty interesting.

Though it is likely it will either be Chris Smelley or Tommy Beecher starting, there is a chance Spurrier would surprise Willy with Stephen Garcia. But that's not all; there is an even smaller chance Steve bursts out any one of the SEVEN quarterbacks he has on his roster.

Whom are:

#5 Stephen Carcia (Fr)
#6 Tommy Beecher (Jr)
#7 Chris Smelley (So)
#13 Aramis Hillary (Fr)
#14 Reid McCollum (Fr)
#16 Michael McQueeney (Fr)
#17 Zac Brindise (Fr)

Obviously the OBC hasn't found his golden ticket to the proverbial Wonka Factory we know as the SEC Championship that's why he's loaded up his plate with Freshmen.

I imagine Saturday afternoon I'll be sitting in a stadium with 80K Veruca Salts.

Of course this is all speculation, I doubt our defense sees more than two QBs in Columbia. But isn't it a great feeling to know your coach has it all figured out. On the other side of the field we'll have 5 QBs who could potentially go out and "win one for the Gipper" if for some reason our depth behind center gets decimated.

Just in case you were wondering they are:

#6 Logan "Don't call me a punt returner" Gray (Fr)
#7 Matthew "Dreamboat" Stafford (Jr)
#14 Joe "Don't call me a ginger" Cox (Jr)
#15 Jonathan "who?" Batson (So)
#17 Jonathan "the other Jonathan...no #17" deLaureal (So)

Of course if none of our QBs decide to make their millions a year early (following this season) we also will be at the total of 7 QBs, it's just that ours will include...
2-Freshmen Stallions
1-Very Fast Sophomore
2-Relatively Unknown Juniors
2-Quality Seniors capable of recreating CMR's playbook with Knowshon's Lego sets.

...those are two night & day football programs.

7 Years Ago Today...

Seven years ago today I was a freshman at LaGrange College. I'd just left my Tuesday/Thursday college algebra class taught by Dr. Searcy and was walking across the bridge to go into the Boatwright Dorms. The the entry doors were propped open (which really pissed off the RAs because they wanted us to scan our cards to get inside every time) and I could see all the way into my buddy Philip's room at the end of the hallway. He had his television on and the second plane had just flown into the WTC. I sat down and watched the news for nearly two straight hours. I then got up and walked down to my room where my roommate Eric was still asleep. I woke him up when I turned on the TV. He asked me what was going on and I told him people were high-jacking planes and crashing them into buildings. His response was something to the effect of "Holy sh*t dude!"

Around lunchtime I finally realized I should call my parents and just make sure they were alright (of course they were, they were living in Atmore, AL at the time but I wanted to make sure).

Classes were cancelled for the rest of that day and the following day. I personally didn't lose anyone close, but I remember being really angry for a long time. I assume that was part of the grieving process of dealing with such a huge disaster, but I majored in business, not psychology. A couple of my fraternity brothers left school to join the military and I really admire them for that (one of them is now finished with his tours and back in school again).

It was an event that rocked every aspect of life, even college football. I had tickets for UGA/Houston (which was eventually made up at the end of the season) and I was there for UGA/Arkansas, the first game after the everything resumed.

As a funny side-story, I broke up with a girl I had wasted 3+ years of my life with after the UGA/Houston game and ended up leaving her in Athens without a ride home. It's okay though she was a total bitch and by doing so it opened up the door for me to meet a girl the following summer whom I would eventually marry (...she thought I had money).

But anyway, this time every year I feel the need to let people know I remember the exact timeline of things that happened that day. I think there is something about remembering the anger and sadness of September 11th. Regardless of political affiliation we are all Americans; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and pretty much anyone with an ounce of American patriotism was attacked that day.

So take a minute and think about what really matters to you. I love college football as much as the next guy, but I would rather Georgia have 10 straight losing seasons before having to see anything like 9-11 ever again. I hope this video is still as painful for you to watch as it is for me.
There is some bad language, but you should watch it anyway.

Also, I appreciate anyone and everyone who reads my blog. That being said if you're one of those "9/11 Truthers" who think the government blew up the Pentagon and the two World Trade Center buildings, then I have no problem telling you what a piece of shit you are, go to hell.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pick'em Reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone to make your picks this week if you haven't done so yet.


I went 2 for 3 with my upsets last week, I've got a couple slated for this week also. If you're dumb enough to take the risks I do, you're lookin' at...

-Kansas over South Florida
-UCLA over BYU

...that could be why I'm running in the middle of the pack.

Things to look out for but I'm sure as hell not picking:
-Auburn getting Croomed?
-Ohio State not being as bad as we all think they are and/or USC not covering the spread?
-Skip Holtz pulling a Lou Holtz against Tulane?
-South Carolina...hmm...you know what? I'm not even gonna say this one.

Yeah....about that...

As you can tell I obviously didn't post anything gay about myself yesterday. I did that because I started writing something, then realized how much information about myself I'm putting out there...and not really good stuff.

So to preserve my option to run for public office someday, I most likely won't be posting anything of personal detail about the following...

*Streaking experience. (no picture needed)

*My love of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals.

*The fact I wouldn't mind driving a more fuel efficient car, even though they look like a baby shoe.

*My iPod playlist that includes Cher, Scissor Sisters, and Celine Dion (which is balanced by the playlist I have with every single AC/DC and Van Halen album, so THERE!)

I have a hard time believing they don't feel like dancin'.

*I have perfected the art of Man-gina. (again, no picture needed)

*I see no problem taking my chihuahuas camping.

See that wasn't so bad. I hope the spirits of college football take notice of my sacrifice and grace our beloved Dawgs with the motivation they need to really stick it to South Carlina. And yeah, a few of those things were embarrassing, but it's not like I sit down to pee...often.

So now all my dirty laundry is aired out, we can get back to what really matters, Georgia beating the hell out of USC in a few days. As much as I loved watching Bobby Johnson scissor kick Steve Spurrier in the nads last Thursday, I wish the Gamecocks were still ranked like they were going into Nashville (they were #23 I believe at the time).

Perhaps that might finally give us a win over a "significant opponent" like everyone claims we need to get before we get any attention toward our Heisman candidates (which weren't listed...here...which I think is total horse-squeeze).


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Google Maps

I came across this when I was mapping directions for this weekend. (click to enlarge)

You can clearly see Williams-Brice Stadium at the top right...but that wasn't what caught my eye.

Pollack's New Job

Does anyone remember a football player named David Pollack? I think he played for Georgia but I can't be sure, I'm just going off the information I'm given.

Anyway, I read in the AJC that he has a new job with 790 The Zone. He'll be on their drive-home show from 4-7 talking sports and anything else he wants to talk about...and we will listen, attentively.

So with that being said, I want to recreate an exchange I saw between him and Loran Smith once.

If you weren't aware, Pollack has jet-engine fuel pumping through his veins and has difficulty sitting still or waiting on things. Loran Smith on the other hand has been alive for 134 years and is in no hurry to finish a sentence or tell us how much Charles Grant loves boiled peanuts.

The following interview came a couple years ago during a UGA homegame.

LS: "Hey Larry, I'm down here with... uh...Cincinatti Bengals star, David Pollack. David...tell me what how playing in the NFL is different than college ball."

DP: "WellLorantheNFLisafastpacedenvironmentwhereeverythinghappensatthespeedoflightandyourunninginto300lbgiantstryingtocrushyouasopposedto19and20yearoldkidswhotendtobounceoffwhenyourunintothem."

LS: "What's that? You were talking so...uh...fast I couldn't catch what you...said. Anyway, David...ah...tell us about your..."

DP: (looking impatient) "...injury?"

LS: "Well yes that...and what your plans are...once you feel 100% again."

DP: "TheinjuryIsustainedbrokemyneckin36differentplacesandthedoctorssaidIhadtowearthebracethatboltsintomyskullwhichwasreallyuncomfortablebutwasnecessarytokeepmyheadstraightwhilemyspinehealedIjustprayedtoGodwhileIwasinjuredthathewouldallowmetostayaliveandtakecareofmywifeandyouknowLoranitsbeensuchahugeblessingbecauseitgavemetimetospendwithmyfamilyandreadtheBibleandnowImoutherebecausecoachMartinezinvitedmetocomeandspeaktotheplayersandIthinkI'mtheluckiestguyintheworldasforplanswhenmyneckhealsIdlovetoplayballagainbutifGoddoesntthinkthatswhatIneedtobedoingthenIknowhe'llopenupanotherdoorformethat'sjusthowheworks."

LS: (looking lost/confused) "Well that's fan...tastic Davey. Tell us...what do think the...um...Bulldogs need to..."

DP: (looks down the hall impatiently)"...sorryLoranIgottagothecoachesneedmenowbye!" (runs down the hall)

LS: "...work on in order to...oh, alright good luck...David. Larry...back up to you."

A Brief Comparison...

What do me and senior Gamecocks receiver Kenny McKinley have in common?

#1. We share a general disdain for tiger paws and the color orange.

#2. We both spent Fall Fridays in front of this press box for 4 years.

#3. Chances are neither of us will be playing football on Saturday.

#4. We both like popsicles.

...hey muscley-arm!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I do that make people think I might be gay...

I'm not gay, never have been, and I don't intend on making that switch anytime soon. I'm a happily married 25 year old guy who likes to get wild, party, and fool around with his wife. That being said, I will be the first to admit there are a few things I do/did that might make people question my degree of hetero.

As I have outlined already, I do a pretty detailed ritual every Saturday morning to make good with the spirits of college football before my beloved Georgia Bulldogs take the field. I figured a little self-deprecation the week before our first SEC opponent wouldn't do anything but help my karma to keep the Dawgs undefeated and if nothing else leave a steaming mound of entertainment for you to step in.

So each day I'm gonna try my best to think of something I do that people might mistakenly think I'm gay for doing...not that there's anything wrong with that.

#1. When I was in college, me and a buddy would have girly drink nights.

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!! Before you go assuming we'd go downing Cosmos at Swingin' Richards let me explain this. In all actuality you may discover I was doing something WAY more masculine in principle.

As an undergrad, I lived in a fraternity house for a year. After a few weekends the first semester, we discovered we were actually living in an alcohol soaked GOLDMINE. Yeah it sucked when it was finals and everyone wanted to drink at the bar with music blaring until 2:00am, but here is what would happen on most Friday nights. Around 10pm all the girls would begin to show up with their bottles of Smirnoff Ice, Arbor Mist, and Bartles & James wine coolers. They would immediately try to hide it behind chairs, couches, anywhere but the fridge (because the fridge was where moochers would pull their nightly fare). The girls would come in, drink 2 bottles out of a 4 or 6 pack, be totally hammered and stumble back up to their dorms forgetting and/or not caring about where they left the remainder of their booze.

The following morning my buddy and I would get up before the pledges came to clean the house. We'd treasure hunt and pool together all the onesies and twosies we could find from out of the hiding places and stick them in the mini fridge I had in my room. This would usually provide us with enough alcohol to make one really wild night during the week. Did it usually give a sugar high before an actual buzz? You bet. But while you went around to classrooms emptying trashcans for that craptacular $150/month workstudy check you were so proud of, me and Josh were drinking your trashy girlfriend's pomegranate martinis she left at the house last Friday. So perhaps you should have taken that self-righteous tampon out of your pooper and come over to the house and drank a Lynchburg Lemonade while listening to The Wall with us instead of calling us a couple of homos while you pushed that stupid wheelbarrow trashcan around campus. Just a thought.

So in my opinion, the fact I chose free booze (no matter the drink) and rocking out with friends over working my tail off so I could afford a 2 year old 24 pack of warm Natty Lite from the Golden Gallon down the street, TOTALLY makes it more manly than it first appears. Agreed?

Good. So now that we are all in congruence of what constitutes masculinity, I'm looking for a couple of opening night seats to Wicked at the Fox Theatre October 8th. Shoot me a comment if you can help me out.

Well, you knew it was coming.

This is nothing new, frankly because everyone and their grandmother has seen it already. But I can't look you in the eye and tell you I'm trying to be as funny as I possibly can without making this, so here it is.

Great Moments for Fat Guys in SEC History, Vol 2.

The reason I got the Kentucky one up so fast was because I happened to be sitting on my butt watching it happen right then when I decided to capture it. This is 2 days late because I went to Athens and saw it happen in person. I'm not making excuses, I'm just trying to BS my way into journalistic integrity. SEC SPEED, BABY!

Columbia, South Carolina

At lunch today I talked with a few other Dawg fans about the the CMU game and about upcoming USC. I told them me and a buddy of were making the trip over to Columbia and there seemed to be an overwhelming response similar to "Good luck with that."

Some of these guys had been there before and told stories of stuff getting stolen from their trucks or being ticketed for open containers in the middle of their tailgate where USC fans were drinking as well but didn't receive tickets.

I know as well as the next guy how much USC hates Georgia, but I didn't think it was to this extent. Does anyone have similar stories about problems with either the police or crappy USC fans? This is my first trip to Columbia for a football game, I've been to the city before when I was in college, but not for a game. I'll gladly take any tips as to where I can find more Dawg-friendly places to tailgate, etc...

It probably won't help that I think...

looks like...

I'll make sure to yell that out when I'm getting arrested on Cops this weekend. Let me know if any of you guys will be making the trip, I might have to swing by and bum a drink from your tailgate.

The Man is Keepin' Me Down!

It'll probably be light posting for most of today. I'm still in the process of capturing the footage from the Central Michigan game. I could seriously watch that game with the sound turned off. Bob Rathbun can make any sport dang-near impossible to watch, and Dave's use of the word "Slobberknocker" can leave the regular viewers of Raycom sports more than a little confused.

Either way, I'm late for a lunch meeting so I'll finish this later.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gators aren't the only ones wearing 'em...

This gentleman was spotted by yours truly in section 305 yesterday.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a solid team looks like

Here's the deal, I was ultra-impressed with the Dawgs today. My only disapointment MIGHT be our lack of pressure on their QB, but then again Coach Martinez isn't called "The Blitzless Wonder" for nothin'.

Aside from that, our offense was bangin' Team Ramrod style, and our secondary made Lefevour look like LeFarva.

Also, this...

...will be the re-design for all future Heisman Trophies.

Knowshon's helmet should be 1/2 covered with bones for next week with the game he had today. The place was "worse than bonkers" when he jumped over that guy. I would love to know how Munson called that. I imagine a Herschel Walker-esq "HE'S RUNNING (jumping) OVER PEOPLE!!1" type call, but I'll have to catch the replay later to hear it for myself.

I'll get into some more stuff after I sit down and watch the game on DVR later, but I thought we looked solid today.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pain makes you feel alive.

Sorry for the light posting today. This morning I made a doctors appointment because I woke up with some serious pain in my upper-back. My wife thinks it's because I sleep with 3 pillows, my doctor (after squeezing my rib cage and having me fall off the chair in pain) thinks it's because I have inflammation in the joints of my spine among other sore muscles. I like to think my wife is correct because:

#1 she is right 99.9% of the time about everything else.
#2 she wasn't the one who gave me a cortisone shot in the ass.

Between that and 3 heavy duty prescription pain killers I've spent most of the day laying on the couch and drooling...which sounds like the typical Friday to me, HEY-OOOoooooo!!!!111

Doctor said the shot should help the fact I'll be sitting without any upper-back support in Sanford Stadium tomorrow but unfortunately I can't be chasing shots of whiskey with my "pain go bye-bye" pills. So really this post is a call out to any and all readers who are willing to lend me their livers starting at 3:30pm tomorrow.

I need someone to cover for me since I will have to miss part of my Gameday Ritual. Anyone out there who is willing to do 4 shots of whiskey with a squirt of lemon-juice concentrate at the beginning of each quarter will be given a special honor the following week. If you take pictures of yourself taking up my ritual of a shooter at the beginning of every quarter, email them to me and I will post them on my site under the headline, HEROS OF GAMEDAY.

Any takers? Our victory over Central Michigan may hang in the balance, and I don't think any of you want that cloud hanging over you if we lose. Shoot me a heads up in the comments section if you can help me out.

Happy Friday!

This is my gift to the world, I hope you like it. Have a great weekend, I'll see you in Athens tomorrow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Vandy leads the East.

Pride is a harsh mistress, Coach Spurrier.

Note to self: There will NOT be a "Coach Richt Calls Bobby Johnson" satire in the future.

Holy Crap!

I checked my tracker and I am getting some SERIOUS traffic today from UGAsports.com and the dawgvent. I tried to see where it was linked but it's from a paysite.

To be perfectly honest I'd spent all my Rivals.com subscription money on cocaine, midget strippers, and Chinese Democracy bootlegs (just kidding, I wouldn't actually waste money on a G&R album, I'd download it for free like a tru playa!).

Can anyone let me know what BP is being linked from?

A brief convo between USC's Steven Spurrier and Vandy's Robert Johnson

The following takes place last night between the hours of 10:00pm and 10:04pm EST.

(phone rings)

BJ: (answers) Johnson residence.

OBC: Bob-O, how's it hangin'? It's you're ol' boy Stevey Spurr!

BJ: (sets down brandy sniffer) Hello Steven, is this important? I'm watching Gov. Palin's speech right now.

OBC: Hell, put a tape in the VCR and record it I wanna talk some ball!

BJ: VCR? Steven, I'm really busy can we discuss this tomorrow morning?

OBC: I ain't gonna' take long. I just wanna talk with you about the game tomorrow night. Now we all can admit I blew it last year against your team, and don't get me wrong, they were a fine bunch a ladies. But I need a solid here buddy, we can't let that happen to me again.

BJ: Look Steven, the gentlemen here at Vanderbilt strive to perform at the top level of competition regardless of opponent. Last year your team was decimated with injury and we took advantage of the weaknesses we found in your defense. I'm doing my best to bring this team around and if it means knocking off a USC or Tennessee every now and then, so be it.

OBC: Yeah yeah yeah, I know and don't forget you nearly beat Georgia for 2 straight years.

BJ: I pray nightly to forget it, it was an injustice against our brethren neighbors to the south which I will forever regret allowing to happen once in the first place. (NOTE: This might have been slightly altered during editing).

OBC: Well, cut us some slack tomorrow night, I've gotta get the SEC lead going into next weekend before the mutts come to Willy-Brice or else my players are gonna play flatter than Fulmer's car tires. Heh heh heh.

BJ: ...that doesn't make sense.

OBC: 'cause Fulmer's fat, it weighs his car down.

BJ: OH I GET IT, I GET IT, WISE ONE STEVEN! Myah myah myah!!!

OBC: Heh heh heh!!!

BJ: Myah myah myah!!! Well Steven I make no promises, my boys handled Miamo Ohio pretty well last week, best of luck to you and your team but this will be settled tomorrow night in Nashville. May the best man win.

OBC: Aight, fine. I guess that's all I got Bobby J. Hey one more thing, can you talk to the fans and ask them to lay off the "It's alright, it's okay, you will work for us one day!" chant?

BJ: (running fingers over ascot) Steven, I believe our graduates are well aware South Carolina "degree holders" aren't capable of keeping a steady job so I doubt we'll have to worry about hiring them.

OBC: You're razor sharp Johnson, I like that! Heh, take it easy. Boy, that Palin's got some jugs don't she!?

BJ: ...goodbye Steven. (hangs up)


I've hit the big-time!

I made it onto Georgia Sports Blog.

A special welcome to Paul Westerdawg's usual readers who made the mistake of clicking the link to Blogging Pantsless expecting to find something interesting and creative, boy are you guys about to be let down.

Then again, disappointment is relative isn't it.

Terence Moore: Uber-douche!

Concluding an "article" about how USC jumped UGA in the rankings with...

"...if you're a Georgia fan, just win, Dawgie."

Mr. Moore continues to grace us with his excellent talking points like how Georgia can't win a National Championship without a lot of "ifs" (if they go undefeated, if they lose less than...).

Here's another one. We won't have to read how much you dislike Georgia IF the sales of your paper continue to drop.

But thanks, T-Mo, for helping us remember what Tommy Faragher taught us back when you were just beginning to race-bait.

...yeah c'mon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday Wordle

I've got a good feeling there will be some quality "stump-age" with this round. I put a lot of variety in this group, but it's up to you to prove me wrong. Leave answers in the comments section.

Song #1:

Song #2:

Song #3:

Song #4:

Song #5:

Good luck!