Sunday, September 14, 2008

UGA/ the other one.

Alrighty, well, not much to say about this game that hasn't already been said so I'll just recap the day.

8am - Leave Marietta for Columbia.

11:40am - arrive in Columbia and bypass a boyscout group offering $15 parking.

12:15pm - accidentally think I can park in the big grassy parking lot that turns out to be permit parking only (turn truck around).

12:30pm - finally find a parking lot and pay $20 to park, boyscouts previously mentioned in view.

12:40pm - fire up grill, beer, beer, hotdawg, beer, hard liquor, cigar, water, water, water.

3:00pm - follow crowd to stadium.

3:30pm - arrive at seats in time to hear 2001.

3:31pm until 5 minutes left in game - Roast, bake, fry, burn, sweat, stink, want to die, be pissed off.

Last 5 min. of game - Hallelujah SHADE!, bite nails, cheer, be pissed off, bite nails, cheer, leave.

(Lost track of time but time table runs as follows):

Walk back to truck hearing 'Cocks holler obscenities as Dawgs crow and talk trash.

Arrive at truck and down a gallon of water, listen to Dark Side of the Moon as traffic leaves.

Leave, sit in traffic...

Drive in traffic for an hour trying to get to I-20.

Realize I'm low on gas, stop in Aiken, SC for Waffle House and stations have gas, uh oh.

Drive to next exit and pay $4.39/gallon limit $40 (I use 2 different credit cards to fill up, thank God for good credit.)

11:00pm - Contemplate truck stop advertising cheap diesel and clean showers to wash layer of filth off.

12:30am - arrive home and take a shower, tell wife about my Dante's Inferno-esq trip.


Next come pictures, after that, my take on the game.


Goat said...

Well that about sums it up. Perhaps my spin on it was a little more positive. I had a great time aside from baking and fearing the good guys were going to piss it away. Felt a lot better after catching the game replay yesterday. Clear up mistake and penalties, and we dominate that game. SC had >250 total yards, 115 came on UGA penalties.

Mackie said...

Yeah, I'm with you. I've watched the first half and so far we look solid defensively, it's just our offense was doing a whole lot of nothin'. Catch some passes and we're cruising 21+ easy. Thank God for Gamecock incompetence.