Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Ago Today...

Seven years ago today I was a freshman at LaGrange College. I'd just left my Tuesday/Thursday college algebra class taught by Dr. Searcy and was walking across the bridge to go into the Boatwright Dorms. The the entry doors were propped open (which really pissed off the RAs because they wanted us to scan our cards to get inside every time) and I could see all the way into my buddy Philip's room at the end of the hallway. He had his television on and the second plane had just flown into the WTC. I sat down and watched the news for nearly two straight hours. I then got up and walked down to my room where my roommate Eric was still asleep. I woke him up when I turned on the TV. He asked me what was going on and I told him people were high-jacking planes and crashing them into buildings. His response was something to the effect of "Holy sh*t dude!"

Around lunchtime I finally realized I should call my parents and just make sure they were alright (of course they were, they were living in Atmore, AL at the time but I wanted to make sure).

Classes were cancelled for the rest of that day and the following day. I personally didn't lose anyone close, but I remember being really angry for a long time. I assume that was part of the grieving process of dealing with such a huge disaster, but I majored in business, not psychology. A couple of my fraternity brothers left school to join the military and I really admire them for that (one of them is now finished with his tours and back in school again).

It was an event that rocked every aspect of life, even college football. I had tickets for UGA/Houston (which was eventually made up at the end of the season) and I was there for UGA/Arkansas, the first game after the everything resumed.

As a funny side-story, I broke up with a girl I had wasted 3+ years of my life with after the UGA/Houston game and ended up leaving her in Athens without a ride home. It's okay though she was a total bitch and by doing so it opened up the door for me to meet a girl the following summer whom I would eventually marry (...she thought I had money).

But anyway, this time every year I feel the need to let people know I remember the exact timeline of things that happened that day. I think there is something about remembering the anger and sadness of September 11th. Regardless of political affiliation we are all Americans; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and pretty much anyone with an ounce of American patriotism was attacked that day.

So take a minute and think about what really matters to you. I love college football as much as the next guy, but I would rather Georgia have 10 straight losing seasons before having to see anything like 9-11 ever again. I hope this video is still as painful for you to watch as it is for me.
There is some bad language, but you should watch it anyway.

Also, I appreciate anyone and everyone who reads my blog. That being said if you're one of those "9/11 Truthers" who think the government blew up the Pentagon and the two World Trade Center buildings, then I have no problem telling you what a piece of shit you are, go to hell.


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Mackie said...

Thanks man, I try not to take life too seriously but some stuff should be held sacred. I've always had a soft spot for patriotism, my wife gives me crap for tearing up at Stone Mountain when they do Elvis' American Trilogy and Robert E. Lee breaks the sword and it becomes the eastern portion of the US, gets me every time.

Anonymous said...

What you were the one that thought I had money...

Anonymous said...

"if you're one of those "9/11 Truthers" who think the government blew up the Pentagon and the two World Trade Center buildings, then I have no problem telling you what a piece of shit you are, go to hell. "

Amen, brother.

Scott said...

Dude...this is your best post EVAH.

Amazing how our lives have sort of paralleled...we went to Clarkdale/Garrett/SCHS, now living in Marietta, and both of our parents have relocated to Alabama at some point.

Maybe we should get together and I'll let you know how the next 8 years or so are going to go for you.

Hint...tequila is NOT our friend.

Mackie said...

@Scott, I learned that about Tequila at my buddy Josh's bachelor party. Ugh.