Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teh Georgia Running Game

I'm pretty excited about the chance #24 Kendrun Malcome might play this weekend.

When was the last time you had this little faith in our RB's ability to:
#1. Run with authority.
#2. Hang on to the ball.
#3. Make big gains.

I was actually surprised Caleb King is averaging 5.2 yds/carry, but given we've been sending guys up the gut of an O-Line that hasn't opened up gaps I guess I should be "pleasantly" surprised. I enjoyed watching Aaron Murray carve up Tennessee's defense through the air, but the remainder of our schedule doesn't consist of Tennessee's defense. We've got to establish a running game that is competent, dependable, and sticky-fingered.

Malcome isn't a squirrely, juke-machine...he's a big, hard-running tailback who might spin his way into a few extra yards here and there. He ought to get a few carries in the first 1/2, but once we put it away give it to him often so he gets the reps. Start him in our impending loss to Kentucky, (cricket sound...cricket sound), then if he's the real deal let him split carries with the vets in the Cocktail Party.

If we're gonna be coughing up more balls than Christian LeMay's highschool-lady-friend we might as well get our youth some experience...am I right?

I'm pretty pumped because I'm finally getting some free-time to get up to Athens for a game. As you can tell by the splotchy posting I've been busy doing things that pay bills rather than blogging. Hopefully I'm catching a break just in time to leave the country later this month, but I'll try to get as much posting in as possible until vacation time. If not, I'll see you suckers in November when the Dawgs are back over .500.


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amanda young said...

Caleb King is making me surprisingly to his move... that his game.. very awesome.. Amanda Vanderpool CEO