Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Tech annoys me.

The mascot of Georgia Tech couldn't be more appropriate, the yellow jacket. What is a yellow jacket you ask? (I know you didn't really ask but just go with it)

A yellow jacket is a pest. It is a bother. It is not anything to be taken too seriously due to the fact it poses no real threat (allergies exempt). A yellow jacket will annoy you just to get your attention. It will pick a fight it cannot win, only to use it's only defensive mechanism then fly away.

Much like the insect, the Tech fan is a pest. It is a bother. It poses no real threat to you (computer viruses exempt). Much like a how a middle school kid will annoy you to get attention, the Tech fan is no exception. It will pick a fight it can't win, only to employ its defense mechanism "It's alright, you'll be working for me someday" then run away. Unless I'm working for the IT department at DeVry...I don't actually think I'm working for any Tech students, but that's beside the point.

I found the following video on YouTube. I had never seen it before, but it seems strangly appropriate for the content of this post. It was posted after the UGA/Tech game last year and involves Yellow Jackets doing what they do best, being annoying then running away. h/t to KJKJava.

I know there are issues of which direction the sound is moving relative to sound volume, but this metaphorically reminded me of a yellow jacket buzzing around your ear only to be swatted away once you've had enough of it. Go Dawgs!


Scott said...

That's weird...my brother and I were having almost this EXACT SAME conversation yesterday. Why would you CHOOSE to have a yard pest as your mascot?

I was thinking about it in context to Uga. When Uga VI passed, several people said that he represented everything that the Bulldog Nation stands for. He's tough, he's loyal, he's strong, and then he's kind of cute and playful for the kids...now THAT'S a mascot.

But a yellow jacket? You nailed it...just an annoyance. To put it in the context of the Uga discussion, yellow jackets are annoying, not dangerous (unless you're allergic to them), cowardly..I realize that this does in fact describe the Yellow Jackets, but is this what they STRIVE to be? Isn't that what a mascot should represent?

One more reason to hate/pity them.


Mackie said...

Amen to that.

You've inspired me, check later for a post regarding the nature of your comments.

Ludakit said...

Relative to the YouTube video, I'd like to point out the last little Techie that runs away flicking off the rest of the UGA section. To him I say:

"I have touched a boob. And you?"

BeachGaBulldog said...

A loyal dog vs. an insect. When was the last time Tech beat Georgia? Go DAWGS!!!!