Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week One Picks

Just a reminder if you haven't made your picks for week 1 in the Blogging Pantsless Pick'em Group, this is the last week.

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Here's the thing. Week one is usually full of easy picks. This is usually due to the fact most programs know to enforce off season suspensions, they need a cupcake to sit their big boys out on. An unfortunate problem, but a smart idea by the ADs and scheduling staff. Unfortunately, every now and then a couple of top programs decide to wear their ovaries on the outside and schedule an opponent most programs save for week 3. Makes for great television, but usually prevents me from starting out with a 100% perfect pick week.

As most of you know now, this year that game is Alabama and Clemson playing a neutral site game at the Georgia Dome. This is the classic Shakespearean dilemma of heart vs. head.

My Head:
Clemson takes this game 28-21. The Tigers have a way more experienced team and Bama still isn't quite there. This is really Saban's first year with his recruits and unless he pulled some top talent guys he expects to carry the weight of the team through this year Alabama will start out 0-1. Tommy Bowden's team has some real talented running backs and Cullen Harper is a top QB in the ACC. (9)Clemson begins the season with a strong start rolling through Bama and Citadel before hitting their conference schedule with NC State week 3.

My Heart:
Alabama shocks the world with a 32-24 upset in Atlanta. Clemson's got a lot of talent and are expected to do well this season, but this sounds like the beginning of the season from the last 5 years. Why should I not expect coach Bowden to fall flat on his face this year? Alabama's got the top WR recruit expected to compete in Julio Jones, he could potentially either make or break Alabama's offense this season. Plus it is a middle of the pack SEC team playing a top ACC team...why should I not expect Bama to dominate? Think I'm the only one thinking Bama might pull an upset? Yahoo users have the Clemson/Alabama game with a 66% confidence to the Tigers. Compareably the next lowest percentage is Missouri vs. Illinois with 79% confidence in Missouri. However UGA is 100% facing GA Southern...just so you know.

I still haven't decided which way to go the first week. I'll pull for Alabama as long as they aren't playing UGA on Saturdays, but I can't ever find it in my heart to cheer for Clemson. Therefore I might be leaning toward picking Clemson to win, because I'll want Bama to win and if they lose at least I'll have the right pick. Vice versa if Bama wins I'll be happy Clemson lost and not as upset about my record.

Either way I'm starting to ramble, care to show your cards before picks are due? Let me know what you're thinking because I'm still up in the air.

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Scott said...

I'm with you...I've always pulled for Bama when they weren't playing us, but that's not so automatic now that Saban is there. I would love for the SEC to get the win here, but Clemson is just better. Remember, Clemson doesn't usually fall flat on their face until around game 7. Let's see, who do they play that week...that's right. The Mustard Jackets. Dang it.