Friday, August 29, 2008

Commercial Off!

Who has the better one, the choice is yours. My opinion? Dawgs win again.



Ludakit said...

Richt beats that ass handily. Let's go oranges vs. trucks. Now, points are deducted from Richt for it being a Ford, BUT since Richt partially owns a dealership in Athens, I can see where he's coming from.

Urban could've made it a closer contest though, if he would've thrown in a line like:

"Simply Orange. Much like Florida, it's made up of the top 1% of 1%."

But as cheesy as Urban's commercial was, no one will ever top Tommy Tubberville:

Mackie said...

Well, I must disagree on the points deduction to CMR. Much like him and Toby Keith I'm a Ford truck man, that's all I Dri-eeeeeeeve.

Ally said...

Urban is gay. I couldn't stop laughing after he did the lame-assed fist pump!

And I'm trading my convertible for a Ford truck this weekend. That was badass. Much better than the Dalton's Carpet one too.

Sports Dawg said...

I agree with Ally, that was a stupid fist pump. If he isn't gay, he would have made a good one! Mark won this one hands down!

Hunker Down said...

Urban loses points for ending his sentence with a preposition.

In true "Lost in Translation" form, I thought Richt showed "more intensity."


Bop said...

I'd rather push a Ford than drive a chevy.

Slowly, but surely, there will be more F150's at tailgates in the future.