Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it Valentine's Day?!?

...because MAN I'm gettin' some love!

Special thanks to Kit over at The (Original) Dawg-gone Blog for giving me more love than Mark May gives Florida.

...and I quote...

"Everyone knows that Doug at Hey Jenny Slater is funny. Damn funny. Hell, so funny that he has the hardware to prove it.

However, Mackalicious at Blogging Pantsless is rivaling Doug and absolutely blowing away everyone else. As funny as I try to be, I can't hold a candle to the guy. If he's not in your daily blogroll yet, you need to add him and check back often. He's poignant, quick and a damn riot, which are three things you won't find here even on my best day.

Oh and I literally choked on Diet Mountain Dew when I read the MacGruber post. I know that's lost on a bunch of people, but I found it funny as hell and it damn near killed me in the process.

Check him out. Seriously, I'm not f*cking around here and apologies to Mackalicious for my error in leaving you out of the previous post on the blogosphere. Kit Fail."

If you see this man, give him a hug, buy him a drink, and tell him his haircut looks great. Shoot, send his kid $20 when they graduate highschool, because the man is a prince I tell you, a prince.


Ally said...

He's good people, right? You deserve it - your blog is hilarious and one I check daily.

Ludakit said...

Dude, you're too kind. I am a prince though. Make no mistake about that. I own a very tiny off the coast of Georgia (the one not under attack at the moment). No one knows about it, but I choose to keep it that way.