Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If in fact Alabama pulls the upset on Clemson (who are the universal pick to win the ACC Atlantic right meow), does anyone take the ACC seriously the rest of the year?

Lets reverse the conference rolls and throw in some Sports Illustrated picks.

If Alabama (whom SI thinks will go 8-4 this season and finish 3rd in their division) beats Clemson (whom SI thinks will go 10-2 and top their division) that would be the equivalent of Auburn (whom SI thinks will go 10-2 and top their division) getting beat by...Maryland (whom SI thinks will go 8-4 and finish 3rd in their division).

The ACC is struggling with something fierce right now. The Tigers are a 6 point favorite over Bama right now, I couldn't image a Auburn/Maryland match-up where Auburn was favored by less than 14. I say if Bama wins this, the dye is cast. The ACC will continue it's woes in competing, recruiting, and over-all not sucking for the next several years. If Clemson wins then the slow rebuilding process continues with an uphill battle of the ACC against the world.

Then again, did you really need a schmuck like me telling you the ACC is an inferior conference?


Hunker Down said...

Will be pulling for a Bama upset. I want them to be undefeated when they roll into Athens. Shoudl be a good game with interesting implications, as you have pointed out.

Mackie said...

I agree, I think last year they were riding Cloud 9 into the UGA game and were a bit too full of themselves to beat a lower ranked opponent (I think we were 22 then and they were 16).

If they win it'll be the same "second coming" scenario, otherwise they'll be the underdogs vying for the upset EVERY game from then on out.