Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here is my second attempt at video editing. BP-TV LIVES ON!

The year is 1996 and this was Jim Donnan's first win as the coach of the Dawgs. One reason I chose to highlight this game was to show the balls-out playing by Mike Bobo who gets overlooked a good bit when looking at UGA QBs historically. Seeing his guts on the field again makes me glad he's in charge of calling plays.

Pretty much other than the Miracle on the Plains and beating Tech that year there wasn't too much to jump up and down about.



Scott said...

Great stuff...I agree, Bobo is overlooked. Guess who led the SEC in QB rating in 1997 (Peyton Manning's senior year). Hint: he didn't wear orange.

And, I love Hines Ward as much as a man can love another man in a manly sort of way.

I'm not gay.

Goat said...

Check out the lineman getting kicked in the head when Ward does his flip! 300lbs. knocked to the ground with a Hines Ward roundhouse.