Monday, August 4, 2008

Ahhhh, football.

I don't know about ya'll but I'm ready for some football. I ran across this picture while trying to find some info on a story I'd heard about UGA II pee'ing on the cage of Mike the Tiger. Just seeing it made my nipples hard at the thought of UGA VII running out onto the field for the first time with the rest of the non-arrested, non-suspended, non-probated team.

If anyone can verify the story for me, I heard it went like this. UGA II walked up to the cage that housed Mike the Tiger during a Georgia/LSU game. Mike the Tiger came up to the bars and let loose a loud ROOOAAAARRRRR!!!! and got the LSU faithful all fired up. Little did the LSU fans know but UGA II was deaf because of heat-related injuries from a previous Picture Day (where he nearly died from heat exposure running an internal temp of 107). So UGA looked up at Mike the Tiger not the least bit intimidated, hiked his leg up and let loose a golden shower of indifference upon the cage.

Again, I think I heard this in a TV special or something a while back. Am I making this up?!?


naychaboy said...

This is a true story...saw report of Vince telling this story at a book signing a couple years back.
Said most of the team didn't know about Uga's hearing problem, either, and he told them, "Uga's not intimidated by this place, and you shouldn't be either!"

Mackie said...

Awesome, thanks for verifying that for me! I can't remember where I heard it, perhaps the Larry Munson roast? I don't remember, oh well.