Friday, August 15, 2008

The Man's Keepin' Me Down: Mid-west Georgia Edition II

Light posting today. I actually wrote this post at 9:00pm last night and scheduled it to post now because I knew I'd be down in LaGrange, GA most of the day. Unless I get killer heartburn from the Charlie Joseph's hotdogs I plan on downing at lunchtime, I'll try to throw a few things up before the end of the day.

Don't forget to check a few posts below this to join the College Football Pick'em I've got set up. It'll be a lot of fun, at the moment we've got 8 people already and I've shot invites out to all my Facebook friends. I consider my blog to be in the Mid-Major conference of college football blogs. Not completely unknown, but I make the Georgia Sports Blog look like the NFL, when I look at my site tracker. I'm thinking before it starts we'll have around 20 people so it'll be interesting to see who you guys pick in weekly match-ups.

I hope you guys know I really appreciate you checking out the daily crap I vomit up on this site. I try my best to keep it up to date and entertaining, but like today, sometimes duty calls.

Hell, if it payed the bills I'd advertise Billy Mays' crap products to get to make a living doing this, I honestly think it's that much fun. But without seeing that ticker going up, I'd be totally bummed and way less motivated so thanks for checking my blog out!

Have a great weekend!

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