Friday, August 1, 2008


It was exactly one month ago today (and since it is still a baby I can define achievements in months not years) that Blogging Pantsless came to life. I must say, as much as I've whored my blog out to anyone and everyone who would listen I'm pretty proud of the hits it's been getting and I definitely appreciate those of you who make it part of your daily routine.

Friday morning fart scene: Cult Classic Edition

Enjoy the comedy stylings of Pondo Sinatra from The Party Animal

As a side-note, yesterday was freakin' nuts at work, which explained the lack of posting, so I'm staying home today. I've got some cleaning to do before some friends get into town, but I've got some big plans for afternoon posting so check back with me later as you sit in your cube at 4:00 and the second hand starts moving backwards...AAAAaAaaGGGGGHHHHhHHHH!!!!1111

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to more of it. Also, wanted to let you know about Spiderman 4 and Venom if you are interested. You can check it out on