Sunday, August 31, 2008

Football spells relief

There isn't really much I can add to what you already know about yesterday. Of the SEC only Alabama was really tested...and by really tested I mean they played a semi-competent opponent (I use semi-competent loosely at that). I did the pay per view thing and had some friends over to watch the game. If nothing else it's good to be back in the swing of things. Offense looked good, defense was mediocre (which might mean we're playing down to our opponents or we're in trouble). Blair Walsh looked solid as did most of the other freshmen. Richard Samuel looked like he had a tough day, but overall did pretty good. Uga VII is adorable and it looked uber-hot out there...I'm glad I stayed in for this one.

Coach Richt went to the Clemson game to "see his son's team" which to me means, he went to see his son's team and scout Bama. Saban's Tide looked pretty good out there, I think when they roll into Athens it'll be our first quality SEC opponent (sorry USC, you played like a high-school team and I was not impressed).

I still doubt Bama would be a Blackout game if CMR decides to do another one, my money is still on Tennessee before the schedule gauntlet kicks in. But either way, I think we'd better have our game together going into every game regardless.

As for the ACC, between VA Tech & Clemson sharing a nut-sack sandwich yesterday it looks like they might be having a rough start. If nothing else Maryland beat Delaware and GA Tech beat JSU to put a couple in the win columns. I still recall the ACC t-shirt I saw back at Arbor Place Mall after they realigned the conference with more teams.
"The ACC, the toughest conference, the toughest teams".

Finally a little bit of NFL news, Harrington is out, Shockley is in. The Falcons have kept my attention for the season.

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Anonymous said...

Bama will be the blackout.

You made the correct decision staying home for this one. My gawd it was hot. We left at halftime before we died of a heat stroke.