Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, the injury bug is continuing to decimate the team. This time it's a big one.

Trinton "Jitterbug" Sturdivant went down with a knee injury that MIGHT set him out the entire season. Sturdivant #77 was our starting left tackle who was basically in charge of making sure the other team doesn't obliterate Matthew Stafford from behind...wait, let me reword that...he makes sure Stafford doesn't get blind-sided from the pass-rush, much better.

Hopefully we'll get some good news that it was only a freak accident and he'll maybe miss the the Georgia Southern game. Not likely, but this could really suck if someone doesn't step-up. Personally, I'd like to see the behemoth that is Vince Vance take the position but he would definitely need to work on his agility and dance moves to fill Sturdivant's shoes.

Get well soon Trinton, Knowshon can't crank da Charleston, he's not that classy.


Scott said...

Confirmed, TS out for the year. This sucks, especially for him, but..

Here's the bright side, if there is one...

We have several guys who are cross-trained at both guard and tackle, and we've actually had a little bit of a glut at guard, so we can move somebody out. How's this for a depth chart?

LT: K Tripp
LG: C Boling (maybe Strickland or Chris Davis for the GSU game)
C: C Davis/ B Jones
RG: J Anderson/T Strickland
RT: V Vance

Tackle - Josh Davis, Cordy Glenn, and Clint Boling can rotate there as well if needed
Guard - whichever of Anderson/Strickland that doesn't start, Chris Little, C Davis can rotate there and let Jones play Center occasionally
Center - Davis/Jones, Kevin Perez (maybe - this guy has done NOTHING so far)

Also good that it happens in the first scrimmage, so the new rotation has time to gel, and the first two games are GSU and CMU, good opportunities to get some game experience and figure things out.

None of this makes up for the fact that we just lost a potential AA at LT, but it could be worse.

Above all, I hate it for him and hopefully he can come back...need to hope there is no nerve damage (Robert Edwards).

Mackie said...

Naycha, you're the man! Thanks for the update, my boss just sent me the link from AJC in a text message confirming TS is cashed for the season.

Scott said...

No, no, Mack...YOU the man.