Thursday, August 14, 2008

...nice video, jackass.

My boss, who is a die-hard UGA fan sent me this video. I'll admit it's a clever idea but it is riddled with multiple mistakes.

#1. Mistranslation: There is no way even Hitler would like Tim Tebow.
#2. If in fact Hitler was a UGA fan, he obviously wasn't a good one because he doesn't know the away schedule.
#3. Stafford has completed 3 more touchdowns than interceptions.
#4. Gators attempting to make denim over-alls catch on will never happen.
#5. I haven't seen him yet, but as a life-long subscriber to Dog Fancy magazine I know even the AKC recognizes younger english bulldogs are cuter than the older ones. Therefore Hitler wouldn't be as heartbroken about the death of UGA VI if he knew all the potential and adoration in store for the next UGA VII. (Though he may just be upset he didn't live to see his debut at the Georgia Southern game.)
#6. Larry Munson doesn't drink prune juice, the prune juice voluntarily goes down his throat just to be closer to that heavenly voice.


Scott said...

This is one of those that have several is the South Carolina one.

Pretty funny stuff.

Ally said...

The SCUm one is hillarious.