Friday, July 11, 2008


If you will recall, at the end of the week is when I award people who exemplify awesomeness with the Lee Roth Award, and those whom are the picture of douche-i-ness with the Hagar Award.

This will be a two-part post because #1 boss-man's got me covered up, and #2 I still haven't figured out who I thought sucked the most this week.

So let's get this party started with some positivity!

This weeks winner of the Lee Roth Award for Awesomeness is...

Sol Price!!!

For those who may not know, Sol Price is considered the warehouse-retail store pioneer. Today we may know his most excellent achievement known as Costco which was merged with Price Club in 1993. A year and a half ago, a Costco opened near my life has never been the same as evidenced by the photograph below.

That's right, the 72 pack box of Bagel Bites. I placed it next to my wife's stand-mixer so you can see the mammoth size of the box alone. Not to mention there are 6 individually wrapped packs of 12 inside just DARING me to eat them all in one sitting.

Sol Price, the roof of my mouth thinks you're a bastard, everyone else knows without you we'd have to buy our 50 gallon drums of mayonnaise from the Chinese...and nobody wants that. Therefore I honor you with the company of Senator Blutarsky in the inner circle of Lee Roth Award recipients.

Tune in later to see who gets to hang out with Terence Moore in the losers-bracket known as the Hagar Award winners.


Anonymous said...

That's a very pretty backsplash in the photo.

Mackie said...

I'll agree with that, but I must say it is irrelevent to the post topic. None-the-less, I'm glad you like the backsplash :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm..... bagel bites. That stuff is like crack!