Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life's Most Important Question, Volume I

As we all know, the question we ask ourselves on our death-bed is...

Who will play my role in the movie about my life?

I decided to take this ball and run with it at Blogging Pantsless and it got me thinking. Who would play some of the coaches in college football in the movie version of their life...I believe The Bear already has his in the form of Tom Berenger of The Junction Boys.

So I did some deep thinking of who I thought looked (or acted) like who and came up with the following:

Phil Fulmer as played by Fred Thompson
The Law & Order star (wait, he did politics too!?!) would portray the life of The Doughnut King in his 13 years as an assistant coach at UT then taking the reigns from Johnny Majors in '92.


Steve Spurrier as played by Regis Philbin
The Evil Genius will chronicle the rise, the fall, and the "Duuhhhh, I just knows we gone win da' SEC this yeer" future rise again of the Ol' ball coach.


Mark Richt as played by Helen Hunt
Alright look, this was hard to avoid but I wanted to go ahead and get it over with. Yes we Georgia fans have all heard how much our coach looks like Helen Hunt. But if Cate Blanchett can play Bob Dylan and be nominated for an Oscar, then Helen Hunt can portray CMR in The Saint.


Urban Meyer as played by Lou Diamond Phillips
The star of La Bamba remakes himself as Coach Urban Meyer. From Bowling Green to Utah to Florida, Phillips does a spot-on portrayal of Meyer culminating in what would easily be the highlight of Meyer's career...the Simply Orange commercial.


Lou Holtszz as played by Will Ferrell's Harry Caray impression
Bypassing any year Holtzszz coached with NCAA violations, Will Ferrell's Harry Caray picks up Lou's career beginning with his role on ESPN U. I understand the similarity in appearance pretty much ends with the glasses, but you gotta admit the "HAY, IF YOU WERE A HOTDOG WOULD YOU EAT YOURSELF!?!" line would easily fit in with ANY of Lou Holtzszz' "Pep Talk" segments.

Feel free to leave me any other coaching similarities you know of, I plan on doing a few more of these once I think of some.


Anonymous said...

Being a Florida Fan, I throughly enjoyed the Urban Meyer/Lou Diamond Phillips comment. Juego de naranja es una tradicion para los Gators.

Mackie said...

Yeah, that OJ commercial might be the worst thing since Maxie Price's "WHERE'S LOGANVILLE?!?!" commercial.