Monday, July 21, 2008

Alabama = Gay

I like Alabama, I LOVE Georgia, but I like Alabama. They've got a helluva football tradition, they've got Bear Bryant, they've got a great stadium, my wife went there, they hate Auburn, what's not to like?

Well here's something not to like, here's something I find to be downright disgraceful.

Senator Blutarsky is reporting the University of Alabama is SELLING tailgating spots on their Quad. Yeah it belongs to the university, but trying to make money off tailgating is just plain wrong. Thanks to rule changes last year we couldn't park on the side of the road (and if I wanted to make my millions faster I should have opened up a towing company last year), now this year they want to sell tailgating spots!?

The reason I have a problem with this is, like the good Senator said, it is biting the hand that feeds you. Alabama fans have put up with a lot, and I mean A LOT of crap from this instituion over the years. They've finally got a few things going the right way for them (they don't even have to play Louisiana-Monroe this year) and now they want to bastardize the most cherished pre-game tradition of all.

I'm gonna call a rat, a rat. University of Alabama, that's pretty dang gay. You should pay more attention to the preacher outside the Tate Center when you're in Athens this year for your annual tail-whippin'.

PS: Do UGA fans have to pay for Alabama quad space since we own the place?!?

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