Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One thing I hate about college football.

I absolutely love college football. Every year about 3 months before the first game, I get extremely impatient. These last 36 days (yes I'm counting to the Thursday night games) are like waiting for Christmas to come when you're a child. I love football so much I have purchased a ticket at Bobby Dodd Stadium to watch JSU play (and hopefully beat) the North Avenue Nerds. My only affiliation to JSU is high school band camp and my wife went there for one year before transferring to Alabama...that's it.

As the titular line of this post reads there is one thing I hate about college football. It isn't anything you can really explain, because it's a feeling. The feeling when your team loses is bad, but I don't hate it because it's just part of the game. What I hate is the feeling of thinking your team has won, and THEN losing in the final minutes. It's that kick in the nuts,
punch in the stomach, nausea you feel. Having the victory wind knocked out of your sails leaving you a little confused and when it's all said and done emotionally exhausted.

I'm including this video to provide an example. The year is 1985, I'm 3 years old and living in Moss Point, Mississippi without any knowledge of what's going on in Athens, GA. I could sense something, something wasn't right in the world. The balance of Yin and Yang was distorted and somewhere there was great distress. Even at such a young age I knew there was injustice happening; so I shed a single tear as I sat on my Sit & Spin and slowly stopped my rotation. That feeling was so awful, it still haunts me to this day when events like the following happen.

This might be the only video evidence of Alabama fans showing love toward Mike Shula.

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