Monday, July 7, 2008

Dude, are you SERIOUS!?!?

I happened to catch the link from Paul "The Golden Conscience" Westerdawg at Georgia Sports Blog about the Georgia Tech kid who made news with his Craigslist ad.

Click this link if you believe white men can't dance, oriental people are good at math, african americans excel at sports, homosexuals raise property values, and there are more Second Life's than real lives on Georgia Tech's campus...because it will all be true.

For those who don't know, a Tech student fails to break every stereotype I've ever had about Georgia Tech students being nerds. This kid put an ad on Craigslist to get a girl to teach him how to kiss. Don't worry though, it's not because he wants to know how to properly animate his Sims characters. His "girlfriend" who he met online lives up in Maryland and will be travelling down to visit him and he wants to know how to kiss properly (btw he thinks they're soul-mates).

I've bought a few things on Craigslist; a hammock, UGA tickets, some Pink Floyd vinyl records. I feel that if my parents ever found out about these transactions they would not only be okay with it, they might want me to explain more about "The Craiglist" to them.

For parties involved, how should the parents react to this? This kid's mom is okay with it; no surprise, most moms love their sons no matter how pathetic they are, my mother told me so. I feel the real disappointment comes when Pops finds out his little girl actually shared her knowledge of oral trade (the clean kind) with this kid.

I will give this guy credit, he's using what he is most comfortable with (computers) to get past the awkward stage of getting someone to kiss him (commonly associated with...being public...with people).

My only hope is that he at least knows how to treat her when she gets into town. If he wants my advice, he should wait until mid-Fall and take her to a football game (seats should be plentiful) and then the Homecoming concert.


Anonymous said...

I read that article and thought it was a joke at first, especially after reading the actual ad on Craig's List. The sad thing is that this guy will most likely get tons of women now because he is famous. Irony has a way of working like that.

Mackie said...

Now I'm just waiting for all the guys who can't get women to sleep with them to post ads on Craigslist...wait...apparently Craigslist has been doing that for quite some time. My bad.