Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up: Addicted to Cinema Edition

Holy cow, what a weekend. For some reason we got on a movie kick over the past 3 days. It started with deciding one day we'd catch The Dark Knight but needed to refresh ourselves with Batman Begins (which was showing on the airplane as we flew to Aruba on our honeymoon, but the film environment was so dark the reflection on the screens made it impossible to see).

So Friday we watched Batman Begins (which pumped us up for The Dark Knight), Saturday morning we watched Mystic River which we'd DVRed earlier last week. Saturday night we went with 1/2 of East Cobb to see The Dark Knight which was VERY intense (and teh awesomxorz!!1). When we got home at 12:30am Sunday morning we watched the last 1/2 of Batman (with Michael Keaton) which was almost painstaking to watch after seeing the new one. Sunday we realized it was Batman Week on TNT and saw Batman Forever and Batman and Robin (again, laughable) later last night we watched The Prestige before calling it a weekend and going to bed.

So total we saw roughly 6.5 movies, but it was a lot of fun relaxing and taking it all in. Seeing the older Batman movies was a trip and the more I think about it, Jack Nicholson was playing Jack Nicholson as The Joker as opposed to Heath Ledger playing The Joker completely creeping my wife (and myself) out in the process. The only thing I didn't like in The Dark Knight was hearing Bruce Wayne constantly being referred to as "the bat-man". All together, it was awesome but hearing that reminds me of my parents calling it "The Google" or "The Blogging Pantsless blog".

Finally if you want to date your movies, make a reference to the technology of the time. The funniest thing I heard all weekend was Val Kilmer telling Nichole Kidman that "The Bat-signal isn't a beeper". Suprisingly enough, the children of Gotham City may still be playing with POGS if the things popular in 1995 have been holding up for the past 13 years.

UPDATE/EDIT: I almost forgot to mention another highlight of the weekend was me throwing up in the bushes outside of the Salvation Army on Saturday. Apparently a late night of Mexican food, etc... isn't good for your constitution if you want to attend your wife's fitness bootcamp the next morning. Who's a champ? I'M A CHAMP!


Anonymous said...

Hey, The Blogging Pantsless, Did you like the Prestige? I went to the Google and found your website.

Mackie said...

I loved The Prestige, I thought they kind of spoon-fed the final scenes for those who hadn't paid attention closely for the duration, but I enjoyed it none-the-less. I think I'm a big Christopher Nolan fan.

Anonymous said...

At least your parents don't say things like: The Littlest Mermaid, rothweiler, or O-fra.

And thanks again for being a trooper Saturday morning. I just hope the Salvation Army building doesn't have outdoor surveillance. You might be on You Tube otherwise.