Thursday, July 17, 2008

Season Tickets

I'm sure I'm the last person to make comments on the UGA season ticket issue, but I found this interesting.

The AJC has a poll posted asking if you would pay $10,000.00 to see the Bulldogs play. (For those who don't know they had approx. 698 season ticket slots open up and the minimum donation to the Hartman Fund was $10K to get the opportunity to purchase tickets)

As of 7:55am this morning the answer was overwhelmingly NO with 83.59% and YES was down with only 16.41%. But here's the catch, there is a total of 4,345 votes cast. Those who excel at math will understand that 16.41% of 4,345 is 713.

Right now there are 713 people who would pay $10,000 for the opportunity to purchase season tickets, there are only 698 open slots which means economics wins again. Demand has exceeded supply meaning those who voted "YES", should they put their money where their mouth is, will be selling out the season ticket plans yet again.

A hidden camera was placed in the rental car of the athletic department as they received a call from AD Damon Evans. With news of yet another sell-out season at Sanford Stadium you can obviously understand why everyone is so excited.

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