Monday, July 14, 2008

The Third Jersey-UF Edition

There is no denying how huge the black jersey was last season (I'm of the opinion if Auburn would have clobbered us, they never would have seen the light of day again). Regardless, they looked great and we ended the year with a 2-0 record in them.

During the off season other teams have taken notice how throwing a 3rd jersey into the rotation can really energize the players, the fan base, and the bottom line in merchandising. So as a Blogging Pantsless exclusive, I've been in contact with several athletic departments across the NCAA and have received private access to their designs of a 3rd jersey they're looking to market this season.

Each day I'll showcase the school, the jersey, and the game which they choose to unveil it.

This week starts with our leathery friends to the south, the University of Florida. Several Georgia fans remember the orange shouldered jersey they wore at the Cocktail Party a few years ago. Well be warned Dawg fans, just like Terence Moore predicted (and continues to predict), Urban Meyer is looking for revenge.

As the month of October draws to an end, Coach Meyer is going to send out a call to the Gator Nation. When November 1st arrives, he is requesting ALL Florida fans, put on their coordinating shirt for...that's right...a DENIM OUT!

The Gators will take the short drive to Jacksonville that Saturday, with jorts and jirts (can I copyright that?) for the first EVER Denim Out of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. The jersey is currently in production with the following design to be available the week before the WLOCP.

As I said, the last week in October is the projected release date of the denim jersey. The UF athletic department wanted to replace that weird flowing nylon with a fabric the players were more accustomed to. There is a chance they will release the jersey a week prior to the expected date. This is to allow plenty of time for the fans who wish to cut the sleeves off to get a good thick, white, fray for the cut-off look most are familiar with.

As a Georgia fan with a good bet riding on this game, I for one am terrified. A loss this year could completely wipe-out the progress UGA has made in breaking the freakishly poor record of the last 18 years.


Anonymous said...

That really is the First Jersey for us Gator Fans. They actually have changed the uniforms all around to include the jean short over the tights. This will definitely guarantee us a victory over the Dawgs in Jacksonville. I'm calling Josh Moor right now so he can shut up his uncle Terrence.

Alex said...

Can we get the players to wear denim jerseys? I'd feel more certain about Georgia's chances.

By the way, having two kids will make you feel like you're 40. Having a steady job keeps you from feeling like you're 80. And I'm only 3 years your senior!