Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thirteenth Jersey - Oregon Edition

In Nike's never ending quest to provide the University of Oregon with the ugliest jersey combos, they've blown WAY past a 3rd jersey and now sit at their 13th jersey.

This time though, it's serious. Lets face it, the PAC-10 along with every other conference is sick and tired of hearing about the speed of the SEC. Their solution to this problem is to make their players stronger. If you add weight, you strengthen leg-muscle, if you strengthen leg-muscle, you get faster and stronger in your lower-body.

Previously Nike unveiled the Oregon jersey with the diamond plate graphic on the shoulders. People were not impressed by this. In order to strengthen their players AND create yet another stupid looking jersey for the Duck Nation, Nike actually added rigid, diamond-plate metal to the jersey shoulders and numbers of this new practice jersey. This added an additional 25 lbs. to the jersey weight which over the course of the season's practice schedule should speed up the team as muscle grows. Gamedays will see the Duck's football team don their traditional, non-traditional green & yellow combination which is significantly lighter and will allow the Ducks to showcase a lightning quick offense without last year's Heisman hopeful, Dennis Dixon.

Much like how if you want to impress me with your barbed-wire tattoo, you wrap an actual piece of barbed-wire around your bicep; the Ducks have finally impressed me by putting real diamond plate metal on their jerseys...but they're still ugly.

Breaking the tradition of my 3rd jersey segment, these will not be worn against any opponent, rather they are limited to practice only between the offense and defense of the University of Oregon's practice squads.

Hopefully these new practice jerseys will continue to help the Ducks produce consistent, top-quality players like the Atlanta Falcons' own Joey Harrington...wait that can't be right...Joey!?! Pay no attention to this last paragraph, that can't be right.

EDIT: Hopefully this new practice jersey will help the Ducks begin to produce consistent, top-quality players which we don't normally associate with the University of Oregon...yeah...that sounds more like it.

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