Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dawg Fans on Television

Lately I've noticed a couple of Georgia fans on several television shows. I think it'd be interesting if any of you guys knew them or knew of them if you wouldn't mind commenting about it.

#1 Lady contestant on American Gladiators.

When it came time for The Eliminator of the two women left, the contestant who didn't get the head start said something to the effect of. "You know Layla Ali, I think you might really be a man wearing women's clothing*, but I understand my opponent has a ____ second head start. I'm a Georgia Bulldog and we have a little saying called "finish the drill" and I'm not counting myself out of this yet!" She went on to lose, but none the less we knew where her allegiance was and I was rooting for her the whole time.

*okay I might have embellished this a little bit.

#2 Project manager on one of the 43 property-flipping shows on TLC, HGTV, or whatever channel you women watch none-stop.

This guy I've actually noticed him a couple times before, and I actually thought he got fired, but apparently not. This show takes place out in Los Angeles (which is a long way from home for a bulldog) and it centers around some guy who buys pieces of crap foreclosures, has contractors fix them up, bitches at anyone and everyone as to why they aren't helping get the property sold, then sells the place...what a novel idea. Anyway there is one fella' who I think is a project manager for the main guy; he's early, maybe mid-30's and always wears a Georgia hat. He usually does the job he's assigned, gets yelled at, and goes to do another job (...sounds a lot like marriage to me! HEY-OOOO!!!!!!!)

I have notice other people who aren't Georgia fans, but they are from Duluth (or maybe it was Dunwoody). Anyway, there are two whiny teenagers from Baby Borrowers who deck themselves out in Auburn stuff and do nothing but fight all the time. Here is a clip from Talk Soup referencing the aforementioned couple.

Perhaps they're preparing themselves for a teenage pregnancy and married life in the Midway Manor trailer park in Opelika.

Seriously though, how much more awesome would that be if teenagers could buy booze?!? I'm gonna write my congressman.


Anonymous said...

Wow... in one post you admitted to watching American Gladiators, Flipping Out, Baby Borrowers, and Talk Soup. That's awesome.

Mackie said...

Just like the couple I saw leaving the Van Halen concert...

Woman:"I hate the way my ears are ringing!"

Man: "That's rock & roll, Babydoll."

Watching cheesy reality tv? That's rock & roll, Babydoll.