Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Seriously, does ANYBODY like Nickleback!?! How can radio stations justify playing this?!?


Anonymous said...

The real question is... does Nickelback even like themselves at this point?

Mackie said...

Ha, that reminds me of the line "...God doesn't even like Creed."

bigphillystyle said...

Alex Stroud loves Nickelback. I'm not kidding. It's people like him who ruin it for everyone else.

Mackie said...


Unknown said...

I like their cover of Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting.

Does that make me a d-bag?

(NOTE: consider before you answer that they play this on the speakers pre-game in Sanford Stadium)

As for Creed, they blow for cigarette money.


Mackie said...

Paul, my friend, I will grant you clemency but only because as you said it is a cover, and they do it well. But Rock 100.5 is running "I Wanna Be a Rockstar" into the ground which is why I posted this to begin with.

(Also not to be nit-picky, I don't want to confuse songs that grace the speakers of Sanford Stadium as being clear of criticism. If you will recall what I now refer to as the "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" year of football. It seems that clip played between EVERY down.)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you around often!