Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Man's Keepin' Me Down: Mid-west Georgia Edition

I'm making a trip down to LaGrange this morning to check out a job site and meet an old college buddy for lunch. For those who don't know LaGrange is a hot-bed for football recruiting out of the high school system. It is also the home of the oldest non-tax funded college in the state, LaGrange College (since 1831). The college's most notable alumni include the guy who drew Dagwood in the funny papers, a bunch of judges, Clint DeMooney (the guy Big Fish was based on), and Mackalicious the most beloved blogger in all of America. The Panthers also field a Division III football team that has won fewer games than Atlanta's WNBA team (I'm just kidding, I don't really know how many games our WNBA team has won...but it's gotta be more than zero).

I'll figure out something witty to write on the drive to & fro so when I get back I'll have some good posting around 2-ish,


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Anonymous said...

The guy they based Big Fish on...classic. I'm actually laughing out loud.