Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I just read on Drudge Report that Rush Limbaugh picked up a new contract through Clear Channel and Premier Radio to be on the radio through 2016 valued at $400 million. This apparently breaks every salary record ever by a syndicated radio show.

I've since sworn off Clear Channel radio stations since they killed an Atlanta radio icon when they dismantled 96 Rock. At least I got The Regular Guys back but afternoon's aren't the same without The Kimmer barking military orders during the intro of CCR's Around the Bend.

Anyway, I never cease to be amazed by the driving power of free market economics. These same forces that will cover the ad revenues for Clear Channel will also make you justify spending $100+ for sold-out event tickets. If the demand is there the price goes up.

You'd better believe that if tomorrow all advertising budgets were cut and pulled from Rush's show that Clear Channel would be in scramble mode and drop the ad costs per segment. This is the same reason that when supply is greater than demand you pay less. It would be an excellent time to purchase a condo and an SUV in Atlanta if you wanted one.

But congratulations Rush, you continue to provide evidence we are not in a recession!


Anonymous said...

man, I'm in the wrong business! But you're right, it's crap like this that drives up prices for stuff we want to buy.

Mackie said...

Yeah, but as long as there are numb-nuts willing to pay, it's gonna keep coming. They'll keep pushing and pushing, but I'm as guilty as the next guy who paid $35 for a Roger Waters tour t-shirt.