Tuesday, July 1, 2008

58 Days

You have ZERO idea how much I can't wait for Thursday August 28th. It will be the day I finally get a fix from my drug of choice...college football. I've been jonesing ever since I left Baton Rouge January 2nd.

Yeah, I know it's mostly mediocre football, but this year I have a stake in a game. My wife attended Jacksonville State University for 1 year before she left and went to the University of the Gayest Part of America...ALABAMA!

(sorry sweetie, ain't letting this one die)

Rarely do my wife and I have the opportunity to cheer for the same team when Auburn or Florida isn't involved. She likes JSU, I hate TECH, the stars aligne, we both wear the same shade of red for a day.

Yes, I know, TECH should still beat JSU pretty heavily even with Ryan Perileaouieaux under the Cock's center, but after 2007 became known as the year of the upset, I'm not writing anything off as a given anymore...EVER. Don't get me wrong, I do not want TECH to lose everygame of their season. I think Georgia's rivalry with Tech is one of the greatest and most overlooked in the US. But a rivalry is only fun if the teams are on fairly equal playing fields (that's why Tulane / LSU isn't really that big of a deal anymore). If TECH dropped their regular season opener and closer, I'd be happy as long as UGA's bowl game was scheduled in 2009 and theirs was in 2008.

Back to what I was saying though, Thursday of this year will not be tied up with the usual "I don't care who wins" kind of match-ups. Here's who I'd keep my eye on if I were you.

#1 TECH vs JSU - Coach PJ's questionable offense against a lesser opponent who's QB might steal your hubcaps while the defense is on the field. Lucky for TECH, J. Magic switched the player's hubcaps to Spinna'z (which are incredibly hard to remove) before he was (*cough!) let go.

#2 NC State vs ...South Carolina!? - I didn't know SEC East teams played on Thursday, I figured that was more of a Western Division thing...but whatever. Go PACK!

#3 Eastern Illinois vs Central Michigan - Honestly, this will be my first look at what the Chippewa's are gonna bring to the table September 6th. I doubt this will be televised but I'd love to see the stats of the game if nothing else. If UGA was playing D3 LaGrange College later in the season I'd be checking out the Panthers on the last Thursday of August. Know thine enemy.

Unless I'm missing more important match-ups, these are who I'm looking out for. Feel free to let me know what I missed.

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