Thursday, July 17, 2008

Milestones, WAAAAY better than kidney stones

Here at Blogging Pantsless, I've reached a pretty big milestone today. Regardless of how much "whoring" of my blog I've done within my circle of friends, we reached the 100th unique page view today. That means no matter how many times my friends came and hit the refresh button on the main page to bump my ticker up, I've still had 100+ different people view my blog and for that I am extremely appreciative (especially considering I only have 5 friends, and 2 of them are dogs...who don't have computers).

This just goes to show you that the internets is the new America, a land of opportunity where an average Joe can become a sensation. I'm living proof! And to thank you all for checking out my blog daily, here's a Norma Lee video about Dr Phil and Paris Hilton...ENJOY!

Take Norma Lee's advice, don't drink and grive...what?!?

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