Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Circle August 28th

By mentioning that I was going to the JSU vs Georgia Tech game I'd actually recieved a few requests for ticketing info.

I believe it might be one of the best match-ups of the Thursday night slate perhaps second to that of USC and NC State. This wouldn't even be on my radar without Ryan Perriloux transferring from LSU, but I'm not counting JSU out of this completely. If Tech doesn't put on their triple-option winning pants, the Gamecocks might be primed for an upset in Bobby Dodd Stadium at historic Mark Richt Field.

Either way, I'm having football withdraws so I'm going to throw on something red (I'm sure I can find some laying around), hop in the truck, make my way down to that disaster of modern engineering they call a stadium, and scream "NEEEERRRRRRDDDDDDSSSS!" until I lose my voice.

Care to join me?

Call JSU's ticket office at 256.782.8499 (a sweet lady named Jan should answer). Tickets are $25 each + a $3 mailing fee added to the total purchase. I bought 4 seats and the charged me $103. I haven't paid that little for 4 tickets to make fun of Tech EVER, if I was Clark Howard I would be spitting my glass of tap-water across the room at a deal that great!

The JSU seats will be in the 130 and surrounding section, so break out your red pants a game early to get the wrinkles out and the beer stains in (just in time for UGA's opener on the 30th). Even if JSU gets pounded into the ground you can still wear Georgia gear and tell them "Congratulations, you beat JSU. We'll see you in November." with a smile on your face.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... I'm not sure that we were supposed to publicize the ticket office contact information that we were given. Oh well. Go JSU!

Mackie said...

The number posted isn't the direct number I was given to the Athletic Department. I spoke with our contact and she gave me the number I listed in the post and was thrilled for the free publicity when I told her I do some "sports writing" in Atlanta...I told her not to hold her breath for a monsoon of ticket orders but I definately couldn't hurt!

Don't worry, it's all kosher.

Sports Dawg said...

Thanks for the link. I'll continue to check you out as well!