Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Alright, I've finally got a little work out of the way this morning and have freed up some time to throw up yet another garbage riddled post.

I didn't watch the UGA/ASU game Saturday. While this game was going on I was at a big bon-fire up in Helen, GA (where Oktoberfest starts in September). Regardless, I listened to most of the 4th quarter driving back home to Atlanta that night and was able to watch the game Sunday morning when I should have been gettin' my church on.

Anyway I remember Scott Howard talking about some questionable spots and junk calls from the Pac-10 refs. Honestly I wasn't expecting any kind of quality officiating from the crap-hole Pac-10 crew, but seriously...LEAPING!?!? Between that and Mo Mass' "tripping" penalty I worried about potential "travelling" and "double-dribble" calls being thrown in the know...just for the helluvit. If you noticed the remainder of the game no one tried to jump up and block a FG or PAT due to that crap call. If Boss Bailey was dead he would be spinning in his grave that is approximately 46" higher than everyone elses. Completely crap and it looked like the officiating crew was out there looking for reasons to penalize the Dawgs. But I just wanted to get that out of the way and move on to the good stuff.

Remember that thread going around on ASU's message boards that showed the UGA player look-alikes? Forget Rennie Curran looking like a Mack truck; that guy looked like a freakin' heat seeking missile powered freight-train made of Kryptonite and Acme anvels hauling a load of Mack trucks really big things (yeah, I sputtered out there).


Rudy: ...I should have just gotten water.

So anyway, all the bellyaching we did regarding our pass defense has mostly gone by the way-side. What's the next big thing to whine about?!? Goal line offense!

During my ride home I heard the call-in show afterwards and Scott and Eric fielded several questions on how we should have gone for it on 4th and inches or tried to squeeze in one more play as the clock ran out. After the South Carolina game, our Pass Rush was a legitimate topic to complain about, but don't go looking for something to bitch about after a win like that. Scott Howard's actual words were "If you married Heidi Klum, don't complain that she burned the spaghetti."

...well said Scott.

Everything else looked great, my only gripe might be that Bryan Evans looked a little sluggish on some tackles, but even then I'm grasping at straws. Great defense, great offense, pretty good special teams, our offensive line version 4.0 held up just fine, Knowshon can add flying to his resume, Stafford STILL hasn't thrown an interception, and AJ Green is deservedly so the SEC Freshman Player of the Week.

I'm very excited about the Blackout Bama game. I think Coach Richt has got a great thing going with the Blackout games. It not only gets the fans into it, but the players get pumped and it give the visiting recruits something to look at and think "that would be freakin' b@d@$$ to get to wear someday". As long as we limit it to 1 homegame a year I think it'll serve the Dawgs well as a new tradition. Plus we get Gameday, a night game (which is alright, though I'm more fond of the 3:30 myself), and some big-time exposure.

Hand it to a #8 Alabama team and perhaps we get the bump to #2 heading into a much needed bye week. After that, I have no idea how this season will unfold. I'm trying to keep myself grounded thinking definitely 1 loss, but worst case we blow it twice. I was thinking before the ASU game if we HAD to lose one, that would be the one to drop (no matter how much it hurts an out of conference loss is better than an SEC loss anytime...unless it's to GTU).

I caught part of Florida/Tennessee in a bar in Helen and wasn't too impressed with either of them. I think UGA clicking on all cylinders can easily mow down a #4 Florida team who has a Pass Defense that rivals the styrofoam from Hole in the Wall...

...meaning as long as you aren't a 300 lb. woman you should do just fine. Also, Hole in the Wall might be the LEAST watchable gameshow ever.

That's almost all I've got. I'm hoping right now our guys are catching up on their rest before we start (closed?) practices again. With any luck the ice treatment was able to be administered on the plane ride home killing two birds with one stone. UGA VIIs still undefeated, I loved Coach Bobo's reverse call, the death threats to Coach Martinez have stopped for this week, and Michael Moore has a @#$%-load of tattoos...NOW that's all I've got

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