Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a solid team looks like

Here's the deal, I was ultra-impressed with the Dawgs today. My only disapointment MIGHT be our lack of pressure on their QB, but then again Coach Martinez isn't called "The Blitzless Wonder" for nothin'.

Aside from that, our offense was bangin' Team Ramrod style, and our secondary made Lefevour look like LeFarva.

Also, this...

...will be the re-design for all future Heisman Trophies.

Knowshon's helmet should be 1/2 covered with bones for next week with the game he had today. The place was "worse than bonkers" when he jumped over that guy. I would love to know how Munson called that. I imagine a Herschel Walker-esq "HE'S RUNNING (jumping) OVER PEOPLE!!1" type call, but I'll have to catch the replay later to hear it for myself.

I'll get into some more stuff after I sit down and watch the game on DVR later, but I thought we looked solid today.


Tom said...

Hey man, the dawgs had another "Great moments for fat guys in SEC history" today. I mean he's not that fat really, but he is a lineman, so he's an honorary fat guy, right?

Also, please post that audio of the Munson call if you get it. That'd be great to hear

Streit said...

We looked really solid today. Knowshon jumping over that guy was ridiculous. I can't wait til they decide to turn AJ Green loose, because when they do he is really gonna put up some big numbers.

Sports Dawg said...

And next up: Mr.Steve Spurrier! Oh yes 'Cock fans, it will happen in YOUR house!

Mackalicious said...

Yeah, I got the game on DVR to as soon as I capture it to my laptop I'll be adding it to the "Great Moments for Fat Guys" archive.

I've just gotta get over the fact of how pissed I am Knowshon's jump didn't make it onto Sports Center and the Gameday Final show didn't show more than 1 clip from the UGA game.

I mean seriously, are we invisible to these people?!?

Tom said...

Yeah ESPN was really shady with that. People wonder why SEC fans always think the polls and media are biased against them... well, look at the Ohio State coverage, the Washington (for Christ's sake) coverage, vs the Dawgs coverage, where UGA is the premier team in the SEC this year.

It shouldn't, but coverage affects your ranking. CFB is a beauty contest after all.

Anonymous said...

Dont get too excited about the Munson call. I love Larry, and he is a lot of the reason i have been a die hard dawg fan since i was born.

But lets be real, his call was nothing impressive. The play occured in the 2nd half and Muns can barely tell who has the ball by that point in the game nowadays.

The days of Scott Howard are near! And though i never thought i would say it, but i cant wait!