Thursday, September 4, 2008

Terence Moore: Uber-douche!

Concluding an "article" about how USC jumped UGA in the rankings with...

"...if you're a Georgia fan, just win, Dawgie."

Mr. Moore continues to grace us with his excellent talking points like how Georgia can't win a National Championship without a lot of "ifs" (if they go undefeated, if they lose less than...).

Here's another one. We won't have to read how much you dislike Georgia IF the sales of your paper continue to drop.

But thanks, T-Mo, for helping us remember what Tommy Faragher taught us back when you were just beginning to race-bait.

...yeah c'mon.

1 comment:

Dean the Dawg said...

Dude, Terence Moore was a racist LONG before Staying Alive came out.

Get your facts straight!

I spent a while reading through some of your early posts, that stuff is classic! You're one funny sohm-bitch!