Monday, September 22, 2008

Blast Bama Week

Some of you may know I'm married to a graduate of Alabama University, this week could get ugly.

OJ: "Mama, I'm heading to Tuscaloosa! They don't look for Heisman winners there!"


BulldawgJosh said...

Oh man, that's not good. Earl and I will be saying very terrible terrible things about Bama this week.

Mackalicious said...

...and I shall join you. I only married the girl, I didn't say I approve of what she does.

Sweetie said...

Roll Tide.

Earl said...

Mack, I grew up with it in my family...Georgia fans, Alabama fans, Auburn fans, Tennessee fans, etc. This is the first opponent of the year that's "in family." It's Blackout Bama week and it won't be pretty.

And Mack, Athens West, I mean Tempe, missed you man. But, we understand.