Friday, September 26, 2008

Tailgating Pantsless

The Alicious household has established it's plans for tailgating tomorrow. We'll be leaving Marietta, GA around 1-ish tomorrow with hopes of arriving at the Williams Street permit lot around 3pm. Feel free to swing by and say hey, I'll be the one wearing black.

...seriously though, we'll be in a blue F-150 (with a grill guard) that has a Georgia flag on the drivers-side window and an Alabama flag on the passengers-side window. We'll have a grill around back and 2 red chairs. Sweetie will have a knife, so don't bark at her (I made that mistake once and now when we decide to have children they will either be all girls or all boys...the doctors don't know which testicle was salvaged).

We'll be there until an hour or so before gametime because we've got to meet up with some other friends at a fraternity house beforehand.

There likely won't be much posting action today because I want to tie up a few loose ends at work before I call it a day. That being said, I was completely clueless that USC got taco-popped by Oregon State until 8am this morning. Epic Fail, Zach Morris. That might make me the most ill-informed college football blogger out there, ouch!

UPDATE: Due to the gas crunch we might be in my truck or in my buddy's truck, don't know yet. Either way if you're swinging by look for the flags mentioned above. Also, hollering out "MACKIE" will get my attention.


Joe said...

taco-popped??? hilarious.

sweetie said...

Wow, there have been a lot of references to me in an unflattering light this week. Maybe I should attend "anger management" classes or something.

Mackalicious said...

It's only one week 2 out of every 4 years :)

Sweetie said...