Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yes really, I was able to find a few clips I thought were great plays. Plus the thing was burning a hole in my DVR waiting to get deleted to I went ahead and pulled it. Enjoy!

Plus, seeing some of the better plays makes me feel better about what we might see Saturday.


Ally said...

LOL! The images of SOS with his jaw dropped are hilarious.

On the slow-mo of Knowshon powering in for the TD, I noticed AJ pushing him towards the end zone. Didn't catch that when I saw the game Monday night. Loving that kid!

Mackalicious said...

For a guy who hated Ray Goff he sure does act a lot like him in that "Aw shucks!" kinda way when he's losing.

Ally said...

Not to mention the fact that hs record with the lamecoks is Ray Goffish as well. Who's the "Goof" now Surrier?

I hope Ray, whom I really like btw, is sitting in his Zaxby's laughing his ass off at SOS's turn of bad fortune.

Echo from the Buttes said...

So you pull a driveby in our comments but you don't leave your score prediction? Come on back and put your money (or reputation) where your mouth is! :)

Go Devils!