Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mackalicious

Today is "Sweetie's" birthday. She is a hot & sexy 28 years young. She is the queen of clean and makes a damn fine hashbrown casserole. Although she refuses to allow me to post pictures of how hot she is on my blog when referencing Alabama fans, I figured I could at least get away with this.

Here is the birthday girl at the Spanish Steps in Rome (not Georgia) from out last vacation. If you see a girl who looks like any the 38 women from this picture, stop her and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" because chances are it's her!


Sweetie said...

You're too kind.

Scott said...

I wonder if Mrs. Mackie knows my brother? His name is Josh, he was on the wrestling team...don't know if I want to give last names or not. :-) You know him?

Happy Birthday!

By the way, Mackie, congrats on marrying an older woman...from experience, I can tell you it's the way to go!