Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well, it was fun while it lasted. Paul over at Georgia Sports Blog has the story, but pretty much here's the summary...

USC beat a crappy team in a crappy conference in an away game with a final score of 599-1. Coach Richt beat a crappy Div I-AA team at home 45-21 getting a ton of freshmen playing time for the upcoming Apocalypse called the SEC regular season schedule just in case he's got to go deep into position players.

Bottom line, Zack Morris accidentally killed Slater's pet lizard, Artie, and tried to replace it with another one while Slater was on vacation. The only difference is that in this episode Slater comes back to town and rewards Zach with the #1 ranking because he's two stupid to realize Zack Morris killed his best friend and successfully passed a new lizard off as a real football team...

Okay, yeah, this post might be pretty lame. But it surely isn't as gay as 3 teams winning over unranked pee-on opponents and both #1 UGA and #2 Ohio State getting jumped by #3 USC.

"Yeah but USC actually played a 1A opponent..."

Don't try to justify this...I'm not listening.

Alls I know is CMR should be using this as a tool so his boys know to knock the ever lovin' shart outta' Central Michigan next Saturday while USC is taking a bye week. Because if we do that and the rankings don't immediately flip back into our favor then I'm going over to Jessie Spanos' house and downing her entire bottle of caffeine pills before running down to Mr. Belding's yard and dance the running man butt-nekkid scream-singing "I'M SO EXCITED, AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!" at the top of my lungs.



Ally said...

Whether we as UGA fans like it or not, whether CMR likes it or not, style points matter. THey have for some time.

I like that CMR doesn't want to run up the score, but having 2nd & 3rd stringers GIVE UP 21 points against central michigan is gonna bounce us out of the top 5. Quick.

Hopefully some convincing wins against Arizona State, and the SEC schedule will help us out.

Just sux - so many poll voters are just looking for excuses to drop us out of the hunt for crystal.

Hunker Down said...


I think your take on this is as healthy as any I have seen. Good on you.

Ally, if we win them all, we won't need any style points.

Many poll voters are only looking at the final scores of games that they don't watch. None watched our game. They will be watching Sept 13, 20 and 27. When we win those three, we will have their attention.

Ally said...


with all due respect, we didn't lose a game, but style points already matter. We dropped a spot in the polls because of it.