Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Week one officially wrapped up with Tennessee eating a big fat turd sandwich out in California this morning (EST). Now it's time we turn our attention to week two. This is the time where all the meatheads who lack good decision making skills in the off-season get to come back from suspensions and we get an idea of what most teams will be working with.

In the Blogging Pantsless Pick'em over at Yahoo, essentially here is what happened.
Seven people are tied for 1st because everyone picked Virginia Tech to beat ECU and Pitt to beat Bowling Green. After that was everyone else who did the same but also thought Clemson would wait until week 3 to implode. We even had a few people showing some sack making an upset pick or two (special mention to The Rich Robich Experiment for getting the ECU upset...that took some talent).

Pulling up the rear we had 4 sociopaths who didn't even make their selections. Anyway, so far so good but now ladies, we're gonna get into the meat of the schedules. Week 2's picks should be available to make later this afternoon.

Blogging Pantsless Pick'em

Also, just a little milestone info. After I posted the video below I got 120+ NEW visitors to the blog thanks to linking. So thanks to everyone who shared the Great Moments for Fat Guys in SEC history vid, I enjoyed the traffic.

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